Chip, Package and Board Design


Complex 3D stacked structures and embedded devices

As the industry moves to complex 3D stacked structures and embedded devices, there is a need for tools that can accurately render and provide meaningful visual and DRC feedback to enable rapid right-the-first-time designs.

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Advanced IC Packaging

Chip, package and board co-design for realtime 3D hierarchical design allows design teams to concurrently create any combination of advanced stack dies, packages and PCBs.

System Level Circuit Engineering

Perform multi-level SI simulation for upfront verification of signal quality issues and determination of optimal termination and topology rules.

3D Multi-Board PCB Design

You can select between a combination of PCBs, packages, and SoCs into one design and complete the layout of the design as a complete system.

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June 03, 2021
Is 3D Electronics Design keeping up with today's Trends?

For many years, the layout of a printed circuit board in 2D was sufficient for most mainstream technologies. Today, however, product developers in the electronics industry are facing new challenges, triggered by megatrends such as the Internet of Things. Can today's CAD tools deliver on today's advanced requirements and harness the power of new technologies?

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June 16, 2020
CR-8000 2020

Key development themes for CR-8000 2020 are superior design efficiency, comprehensive system-level design and verification, and support for the latest advancements in packaging technology.

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FPGA optimization, skew group routing, back-drilled vias, electro-mechanical co-design,flex-rigid PCBs, multi-domain analysis, tile bump, 3D wire desi...
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June 04, 2020
Constraint Specification in CR-8000

In this webinar the use of the Rule Stack Editor and Clearance Class in conjunction with the Constraint Browser will be explained step by step.

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May 04, 2020
Advanced IC Packaging and Co-Design with Design Force
Webinar, Design Force Advanced Packaging, CR-8000
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August 01, 2019
6 NEW Routing Enhancements in CR-8000 Design Force 2019

With every software release, you’ll find hundreds of enhancements, and CR-8000 Design Force 2019 is not an exception. Some are flashy and exciting, while others are, well, more utilitarian. But each and every one of them makes the product better. In this post, I’ll review my favorite 6 new routing enhancements in CR-8000 Design Force 2019.

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May 23, 2019
If you can’t scale the chip, you should scale something else

Do you know what a »Yogi-ism« is? Yogi-ism goes back to the name of the late Yogi Berra (1925 – 2015), an American professional baseball catcher, who was an 18-time All-Star and won 10 World Series championships – more than any other player in MLB history. After his career as a player, he turned to coaching, where he became famous for his “impromptu pithy comments, malapropisms, and seemingly unintentional witticisms, known as Yogi-isms”

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