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E3.series for Control Panel Wiring and Design

Advanced 2D and 3D Control Cabinet Design

Zuken’s E3.series is a leading single-platform solution for taking electrical panel designs from concept to manufacturing. With advanced busbar handling and cabinet visualization in 3D and 2D, E3.series enables engineers to design control cabinets, panels, and wiring systems. It includes functional design, detailed schematics, wiring, and complete manufacturing documentation.

E3.series transforms product development with electrical data management solutions that seamlessly integrate with existing PLM and PDM systems. Enterprise-level options simplify collaboration for teams of any size working across the globe.

Advanced 2D and 3D cabinet design


Machinery - Cabinet & Panel

Automotive - Systems & Wiring

Automotive - Systems & Wiring

Special Vehicles - Systems & Fluid


Schematic Design

E3.series uses an intelligent, database-driven approach to design that provides a consistent and up-to-date electrical schematic. The built-in design rule check engine prevents errors, improves productivity, and increases accuracy for manufacturing. The automation of common tasks reduces the time required to create a complete schematic. Intelligent connection options, online terminal plans, comprehensive reporting, and support for industry standards empower all types of design teams.

Database components include all required and optional parts, including pre-defined signals, for faster, right-first-time design.


Electrical Schematic Component Cloud

Design in 2D for Results in 3D

Electrical engineers primarily create logical designs in 2D. While there are tremendous benefits to designing in 3D, the effort required to learn complex 3D mechanical tools is a significant productivity drain for panel builders. E3.panel offers the revolutionary ability to work in a familiar 2D environment while taking advantage of all the benefits of 3D panel design.

E3.panel saves time with intelligent solutions. Every change in the project is done simultaneously in 2D and 3D without forcing a rigid workflow. The ability to create full 3D representations and multiple 2D views ensures that clear and accurate documentation is just a click away.


Electrical Schematic Panel Design


control panel wiring

Interactive Placement and 3D Collision Control

Intelligent automatic snap points help designers place parts where they belong. Active design rules with keep-out and height constraints prevent collisions. Using JT, VRML, or STEP AP203/214, all 3D data can be easily transferred to 3D mechanical systems.

E3.series simplifies mechanical collision checks by using simplified models along with 3D models for enhanced visualization. This functionality enables full digital mock-ups to evaluate clearance requirements, collision detection, and error prevention.


Electrical Schematic Panel Design

Automatic Wire Routing

E3.series enables automatic wire routing within the panel enclosure. Connectivity data from the panel wiring diagram is automatically available in the panel design, and the shortest path algorithm routes wires through cable ducts.

Segregation is standard where EMC and noise issues must be avoided. E3.series also adds DXF import into E3.schematic to view data, the ability to exclude certain devices from DXF, and hole definition for duct and DIN rail (set hole size and spacing).

The advanced algorithm with configurable options ensures consistent wiring to meet the requirements of different cabinet applications. The 1:1 scale of designs provides accurate wire lengths and wire termination details to feed state-of-the-art automated manufacturing processes.


Electrical Schematic Wire Routing

Automatic control panel wire routing

Automatic BOMs and Wire Lists

Automatic BOMs and Wire Lists

E3.series automatically generates bills of materials and wire lists using accurate part data in the library, a single source project with logical and physical connectivity, and accurate wire lengths. Intelligent design processes automate wire termination and peripheral device selection.

Reporting options facilitate multiple reporting formats and configurations. For example, it is easy to switch between displaying cabinet assemblies as individual parts or combined assembly numbers. Multiple configurable reporting options allow engineering teams to create a complete manufacturing and assembly package. Generated reports are often used by purchasing teams or production engineers in the build process.


Custom Reporting Connected Manufacturing

Smart Cabinet Building

E3.series accelerates the digitalization in control cabinet building. However, improvements in overall productivity will only increase if consideration of each individual value-added process is addressed.

To achieve this goal, the companies Weidmüller, Komax, Zuken, Armbruster Engineering, and nVent Hoffman have founded the SMART CABINET BUILDING initiative.

To provide comprehensive solutions for today’s and tomorrow’s challenges, technology leaders from different areas of control cabinet building are combining their expertise. This consolidation of expertise covers all process steps, from the ECAD design with a digital twin to digitally assisted assembly and after-sales service. The result is a seamlessly integrated end-to-end solution that opens up new possibilities.


Smart Cabinet Building



Connect to PLC systems

Connection to PLC systems

PLCs are ubiquitous in automation and control applications. E3.series makes it easy to connect and manage these complex PLC systems. The connection to PLC configuration solutions from manufacturers enables a streamlined digital workflow.

Initial and incremental communication options ensure up-to-date data across applications. The industry-standard interface for communication options allows engineers to connect logical wiring and PLC configurators to eliminate errors and rework.


PLC Exchange Cable & Wiring

Auto-Sync schematic and Cabinet

The physical layout of an electrical cabinet is a representation of the logical connectivity in the schematic, rather than a disconnected artifact. The E3.series platform, with its connected, single-source project philosophy, automatically ensures consistency across multiple drawing types and views.

For example, changing a terminal part number automatically replaces the cabinet model if the mounting and space assignments are valid. Any parts added in the cabinet are immediately available in the schematic to create logical connections. The versatility of starting design in the schematic, cabinet, or rough functional layout helps teams incorporate best practices into current design processes.


Electrical Schematic Cable & Wiring



Drilling and Milling Machines

Manufacturing requires accurate mounting and cutout information to operate automated drilling and milling machines. The intelligent design data in the form of STEP models and detailed assembly descriptions helps unlock downstream manufacturing efficiencies and assembly automation by connecting to leading intelligent cabinet manufacturing machines.

The ability to connect production machines via a PLC configuration solution enables manufacturers to streamline their digital workflow.


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E3.series FAQ

Zuken’s E3.series is a leading single platform solution to take a design from concept to manufacturing. It is a reimagined wire harness, control cabinet, switchgear, and cabling systems design solution.

E3.series encompasses all aspects of electrical design like functional design, detailed schematic, wiring diagram, cabinet layout, formboard, reports, and manufacturing documentation.


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