E3.schematic - Design and documentation of electrical schematics

E3.schematic provides electrical engineers with an easy-to-use solution for designing and documenting electrical control systems including schematic diagrams, terminal plans and PLCs. E3.schematic is core to all E3.series modules. It manages all design data, including affiliated documents such as bill of materials, connection lists, assembly instructions and datasheets. Its object-oriented data structure ensures manufacturing instructions always match the design data.

Automatic connection and routing functionality

Active error avoidance with logic and electric checks

Online functionality for terminal plans, PLC and signal cross-references

Hierarchical modular projects including options and variants

Electrical Schematic Design

E3.schematic manages all design data including affiliated documents, such as bill of materials and connection lists or assembly instructions and datasheets. Its object-oriented data structure ensures manufacturing instructions always match the design data. An intelligent component-based parts library ensures only real parts are used and helps drive the design with automatic part selections.




E3.schematic Key Features

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Scalable schematic creation

E3.schematic provides electrical engineers with an easy-to-use solution for designing and documenting electrical control systems including schematic diagrams, terminal plans and PLCs. As  the  core module of all E3.series modules it can be extended with a comprehensive choice of applications for cable diagram, cabinet layout and wire-harness design.

Automatic and parallel connections

An intelligent component library provides the basis for the automatic generation of connections. Signals can be routed following user defined criteria after placement of components, by wiring or by signal Information. Connection patterns are maintained and updated whenever compoents are moved.

Online terminal plan

Terminals added to the schematic are linked to a terminal plan. Changes made in the terminal plan are immediately reflected across the design.

Variants and option management

Options and variants can be represented and selected in the feature tree to enable representation and documentation of customer specific configurations.

Design data management

E3.schematic manages all design data including affiliated documents, such as bill of materials and connection lists or assembly instructions and datasheets. Its object oriented data structure ensures manufacturing instructions always match the design data.

Interfaces to terminal configurators

Many suppliers of electrical components offer additional software tools, from electronic component catalogs to terminal configuration programs which are able to build or verify terminal strip configurations. Within E3.series these terminal strips can be ordered and used as pre-assembled parts. Terminal strips used in E3.series are transferred to the terminal configurator where they are verified and processed. Terminal strips completed by the configurator can be back annotated to E3.series, in addition, pre-assembled terminal strips can be used directly within E3.series.

PLC Data Exchange

PLC data can be exchanged between E3.series and PLC programmin software. PLC data held in the schematic is read into excel, where changes are applied and fed directly back into E3.series. PLC functions, addressees and location information can be managed centrally and then updated with a simple easy to use interface. In addition the tool checks for duplicate addresses and allows users to export data in the required PLC format.

Automatic Wire Numbering

E3.series enables you to configure the wire numbers in the project based on circuit functionality and signal classification. The utility is also configurable for a number of additional industries, including machinery, rail and power.

Options and Extensions

The following options can be added to extend the functionality of E3.schematic


E3.PLC Bridge enables parallel development of electrical, fluid engineering and PLC software by providing a direct exchange of relevant data between E³.series and SPS programming environments.

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E3.eCheck identifies errors at the development stage and avoids costly iterations. It automatically ensures the schematic of DC control systems is functionally accurate and that wires and fuses are within the acceptable tolerances.

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E3.Revision Management ensures all changes are tracked and documented. Alternate revisions of a design are compared against each other and any changes are reported and stored in both graphical and textual formats. The resulting documentation can be fed back into the production process ensuring all changes are implemented.

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E3.topology takes logical designs into the physical world. Topology sheets created at any scale can be added to the overall E3.series project.

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E3.series 365 - Short term, flexible licensing

Prices starting from £80 / €90 / CHF 110 per month.
E3.series 365: When you need it - As long as you need it

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  • Case Study
November 22, 2018
Kässbohrer Transport Technik

The Austrian manufacturer of vehicle Transporters, Kässbohrer Transport Technik, achieved a substantial improvement in process reliability in the generation of individualized assembly instructions and schematic documentation by implementing E3.series. Turnaround cycles for special projects were reduced by 60 to 90%.

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achieves 60-90% reduction in electrical documentation turnaround for customer specific vehicle configurations
  • Case Study
November 22, 2018

Kellenberger develops and produces numerically-controlled precision grinding machines and systems for sectors such as automotive, medical devices and industrial machinery. The Swiss-based manufacturer recently introduced Zuken’s E3.series to automate the generation of schematics for customer-specific machine configurations, cutting the time taken by more than 90%.

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~90% time saving to generate customer-specific schematics by implementing options and variants in E³.series.
  • Case Study
November 21, 2018
Emergency One

Specialist fire rescue and emergency vehicle manufacturer, Emergency One UK Ltd, uses E3.series software for its electrical harness design. This has enabled the company to produce wire harnesses to standardize the design and manufacturing process reaping, cost savings and reliability benefits, while also delivering flexibility through modular based customization.

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controls wire harness design complexity and slashes delivery lead times by using a digital design process.
  • Case Study
November 21, 2018
ARM Automation

ARM Automation designs, builds and supports custom automated manufacturing systems for a wide range of industries. The electrical design of these systems can be complex, running up to several hundred drawing sheets. Using E3.series intelligent schematics to drive the electrical design process, the company has reduced their development time by two-thirds.

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achieves two-thirds electrical design time reduction and increases project ROI.

Satisfied customers

E3.series is much more than a single tool for us. Everything we do relies on us having accurate, live data – and that’s what E3.series feeds into virtually all of our processes

Martin PricePurchasing and IT Director, BCA Leisure

With such a compressed timeframe for the ACCEL aerospace initiative, speed is everything. E3.series was selected because of its ease-of-use, flexibility, and output capability for all data needed to manufacture wiring harnesses, including bills of materials.

Stjohn YoungmanElectroflight’s Programme Manager, Electroflight

We chose E3.series because it was best able to meet our design requirements. As our needs have evolved, so has E3.series. With each new version, Zuken gives us the functionality we need for higher productivity and quality

Sami KiviojaEngineering Manager, ABB Process Automation

We wanted a flexible, highly integrated electrical design solution which would help us improve our existing system and establish new design processes, ranging from the capture of a vehicle’s functional electrical topology, through detailed design, to the creation of harness manufacture data.

David AlexanderGroup Engineering Systems Manager, Alexander Dennis

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October 22, 2020
Feumotech delivers custom made fire trucks ahead of schedule

Feumotech’s fire trucks are custom made and highly specialized. This usually equals immense development efforts. By using Zuken’s E3.series electrical engineering software, the Swiss manufacturer was able to significantly reduce the development effort per vehicle. At the same time, they were able to increase the quality of their electrical design documentation.

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October 13, 2020
Discovering new possibilities with SPS connect

Due to the pandemic, the annual SPS automation trade fair will not take place physically. However, there will be an online-alternative: the SPS Connect, starting on the same day.

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October 08, 2020
Simplify Harness Manufacturing with Augmented Reality Solutions

Assembling a wire harness is a complex process. Zuken, in concert with our customers and partners, is tirelessly working to simplify the harness manufacturing process. As a matter of fact, the common theme in most customer requirements is to reduce the gap between quoting and delivering the project. Seeing that, Zuken’s primary goal with Harness Builder for E3.series is to empower harness manufacturers to achieve their goals.

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October 01, 2020
Driving Smart Manufacturing with E3.series

An immature design or manufacturing process leads to excess complexity. Smart manufacturing options driven by intelligent design solutions provide a repeatable and efficient path to simplify manufacturing processes.

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August 27, 2020
Meet Our People: Taras, E3.series Application Engineer

Taras Wallace joined Zuken in 2019, having come from a mechanical background. Based in Deptford, New Jersey, USA, Taras recently took some time to sit with me and chat about his experiences here.

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August 06, 2020
What's New in E3.series 2020: Part 2

The best and the most exciting part of what’s new in E3.series 2020 is hands-down the sheer breadth of topics. E3.series 2020 is the best release yet!

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