E3.3DTransformer £d wire harness design software

Accelerating ECAD and MCAD Collaboration​

MCAD 3D Wire Harness

E3.3DTransformer - Efficient ECAD and MCAD Collaboration​

Zuken’s E3.3DTransformer improves the collaboration process between ECAD and MCAD teams and helps engineers meet quality, reliability, and performance requirements. The support of native files from leading MCAD platforms and standard industry formats eliminates a time-consuming back and forth between the different domains.

The tool offers an easy-to-use UI with a quick setup time and a lightweight and user-friendly application for transforming 3D MCAD data into a comprehensive E/E topology model.

3D wire Harness design - Zuken E3.3DTransformer

Key Capabilities​

E3.3DTransformer provides a single tool that supports a wide range of file formats. Its simplification and healing functions for extracted harness topology provide the missing link between ECAD and MCAD. Identifying and removing obsolete vertices or incoherent joints cuts project time and reduces costs by streamlining communication between MCAD and electrical.


Up to 75% faster than other MCAD plugins and processes


Reduction in Bi-directional repairs between MCAD and ECAD teams


Configurable rules-based component


Support native and standard industry 3D data formats​

Supported Application and Formats​

  • Catia​
  • NX​​
  • Creo​​
  • SolidWorks​​
  • SolidEdge​​
  • Inventor​
  • 3D Topology data KBL – 2D and 3D Cable and Harness data exchange format​
  • VEC – 3D Topology Data (Vehicle Electrical Container) ​Standard E3.series format


Simple step by step approach

  • E3.3DTransformer supports any format supplied by the MCAD team.
  • Company-specific rules and profiles are set up to identify bundles and components seamlessly.
  • Built-in consistency checks ensure connectivity and layout are verified before releasing designs to the ECAD team.
  • The model extraction process transforms the data into standard cabling data formats.
  • The data is now ready for the ECAD team to create Formboard drawings based on accurate routing data.


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Zuken’s E3.series is a leading single platform solution to take a design from concept to manufacturing. It is a reimagined wire harness, control cabinet, switchgear, and cabling systems design solution.

E3.series encompasses all aspects of electrical design like functional design, detailed schematic, wiring diagram, cabinet layout, formboard, reports, and manufacturing documentation.


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