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From the macro view of a global organization to the micro view of a single engineering desktop, Zuken provides realistic views, practical ideas and creative solutions that no other company is doing.

Start-up services for new installations

Implementation and introduction

Update services for new software releases

Workshops on specific topics and use cases

When reviewing a customer’s environment, the whole process of developing products from the first concept through to manufacturing is thoroughly considered. Zuken understands that every company has very individual requirements. That’s why each of Zuken’s solutions can be tailored to the customer’s processes, practices and objectives for improvement.

In every instance we take into account the trends in today’s fast-changing electronics manufacturing businesses: globalization of design and manufacturing, shrinking product life cycles and continuously evolving technologies that impact the way companies do business.


Zuken Design Services

  • E3.series start-up services
  • Implementation and introduction of E3.series
  • Update services for new E3.series software releases
  • Workshops on specific topics and use cases
  • CR-8000 start-up services
  • Update services for new Zuken software releases
  • PCB design process review
  • Signal Integrity and EMC Analysis support

Looking for assistance to get your designs completed? Zuken has a list of design bureau companies who can help you get your jobs done using Zuken software

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Electrical and electronic design data represent a valuable investment, which should be used and reused as much as possible. With a comprehensive portfolio of tools and services, Zuken can help you with the migration of electrical and electronic legacy data to the latest Zuken technology – or to 3rd party vendor formats.

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