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Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is fundamental to Zuken's culture

Quality through standards

Our global Quality Control Task Force of software engineers from our global R&D centers collaborate during the development and test phases for each product. They define and apply strict company-wide quality standards across all development centers. During all phases, the progress of testing and fixing is constantly monitored using web-based management technology.

Zuken offers advanced design solutions for the creation and management of PCB designs, electrical and fluid systems and 3D cabinet and wire harness layouts.

We apply strict company-wide quality standards

Thorough testing of all new functionalities

We have formed a global Quality Control Task Force whereby Japanese, German, and British software engineers work together during the development and test phases for each solution. The Task Force defines and applies strict company-wide quality standards in all development centers.

Integration within the environment

Every solution (tool suite) developed at Zuken is tested during the development phase and has to pass through two rigorous quality control cycles upon completion. The tools are tested for their ability to integrate within the complete design environment.

Test using actual customer data

The full design cycle is tested on actual customer data. Beta sites use the software and report any faults. During all phases, the progress of testing and fixing is constantly monitored using web-based management technology.

Recognized for quality

Zuken is among the top performers within the 80 companies we have audited so far; it is uncommon for a software supplier such as Zuken to achieve Automotive SPICE certification to this level. This result shows Zuken to be a robust and reliable partner for the automotive industry supply chain

Achim HoenowHead of Software Supplier Quality Management at Continental Automotive

We chose E3.series because it was best able to meet our design requirements. As our needs have evolved, so has E3.series. With each new version, Zuken gives us the functionality we need for higher productivity and quality

Sami KiviojaEngineering Manager, ABB Process Automation

With E3.RevisionManagement, we have the ability to verify our compliance with ISO certification and rail standard DIN EN 61082. In particular, the generation of a detailed and complete change history for our manufacturing documentation, the automated revision of parts lists and subsequent transfer to our production system, has led to significant time and economic savings. Moreover, the number of errors has been reduced within the revision workflow and which has been further optimized using error analysis.

Heiner MorichTechnical Project Manager, Vossloh Locomotives

Certified for Automotive SPICE®

Zuken is certified for or Automotive SPICE® (level 2), gained through an assessment by accredited auditors at Continental Automotive GmbH – one of the leading Tier 1 automotive suppliers worldwide. This demonstrates that Zuken’s projects and processes are systematically planned and tracked. It gives partner companies assurance that processes are in place to achieve common standards and working practices and confidence that they will be able to maintain their supply chain.

Automotive SPICE® (Software Process Improvement and Capability Determination) is an industry-specific standard derived from the ISO 15504 International Standard (IS) for software process assessments. This method is increasingly used by companies to objectively evaluate a supplier’s processes and identify process improvements required at the project and organizational level.


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