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We offer premium service and exceptional technology. For us, this means we find the best value solutions to help meet your long-term business goals. For you, it means a consistent relationship with one account manager, and joined-up support by expert engineers.


Supplying incredible software is just the beginning. Find out what it’s like to work with Zuken

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Understanding your business

We take our time to get to know you, your business and your goals. We take pride in getting to understand your technical needs and company vision fully. Only then can we offer a solution we are confident will deliver value and return on investment, meeting your business goals in both the short and long term.

Tailoring the best solution

In our book, premium means best value for your short and long-term goals. Our flexible product portfolio and flexibility means whether you are a small start-up or large enterprise, we have a solution for you. We invest in customer relationships because we work in partnership to share the challenges and the wins.

Setup & ongoing support

Getting you set up is just the beginning. Your account manager and a team of engineers will work with you to achieve outstanding results as quickly as possible. An experienced support team provide unmatched start-up assistance and services that free designers from ancillary tasks. Our culture of quality offers confidence for day-to-day software stability.

A systematic way to quality

Our global Quality Control Task Force of software engineers from our global R&D centers collaborate during the development and test phases for each product. They define and apply strict company-wide quality standards across all development centers. During all phases, the progress of testing and fixing is constantly monitored using web-based management technology.

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Zuken has a continuous project management training program for its employees. More than 80% of our engineers and managers who have customer contact have received training based on International Project Management Association (IPMA) methodology. Our managers have IPMA Certified Project Management Associate status. We also train to Project Management Institute (PMI) standards for Americas-based projects.

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