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  • Press Release
June 10, 2024
eCADSTAR Release 2024 Sets New Standards for Compact PCB Design

The eCADSTAR 2024 release includes a number of improvements ranging from enhanced design reuse, simplified revision tracking and more robust schematic design.

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  • Software Evaluation
May 23, 2024
Digital Engineering / MBSE Consultation: GENESYS

Book your FREE MBSE Readiness Assessment >> Enhance collaboration, efficiency and accuracy in your design process though use of GENESYS, MBSE. Let's discuss how MBSE can help your business needs.

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Reuse of Schematic and Layout Modules in PCB design
  • Webinar
April 12, 2024
Dealing with Component Obsolescence in PCB Design

This webinar will demonstrate how Zuken's CR-8000 Enterprise PCB Design System automates updates and redesigns in response to component obsolescence. Learn how to identify affected modules, update designs with a schematic module library, and intelligently assist layout modifications.

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Haulotte's integration of E3.series with ARAS PLM, highlighting improved engineering processes, efficiency, error reduction, and PLM integration, supporting Haulotte's innovation and success in aerial work platforms.
  • Case Study
January 16, 2024

Haulotte's choice of Zuken's E3.series solution has enabled the optimization of work methodology and a more serene and effective projection towards future developments

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The integration of the E3.Series and DS-E3 solutions with the ARAS PLM fully meets the needs expressed by the engineering department at Haulotte.
AI Based PCB Place and Route
  • Webinar
December 04, 2023
AI-Based PCB Place and Route

CR-8000 Webinar: Zuken recently announced the upcoming release of the industry’s first AI-based PCB place and route product - Autonomous Intelligent Place and Route (AIPR) - This webinar will examine how companies and users will benefit.

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MBSE data flow visualization, symbolizing advanced systems engineering.
  • Webinar
November 28, 2023
How to build an MBSE capability

MBSE Webinar: Implementing a change in an organization is often desired, but how can it be lasting? This Webinar will describe a methodology that has been used with success when implementing an improvement capability.

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  • Case Study
October 12, 2023

Using Zuken's E3.series, Green GT reduces the development time of its prototypes for fuel cell systems and high-performance hydrogen vehicles.

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Integrating electronic design environment within the company's PDM infrastructure.
  • Webinar
October 02, 2023
Model-based development – a way to manage complexity

MBSE Webinar: Securely clarifying custom requirement catalogues and transforming them into profitable products

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Zuken's Smart Autorouter
  • Press Release
September 27, 2023
Zuken Introduces AI-Powered PCB Place and Route Technology for CR-8000

Zuken Inc. introduces a revolutionary approach to AI-assisted PCB design. The new technology, called Autonomous Intelligent Place and Route, will be provided as part of Zuken’s established CR-8000 PCB engineering and design platform

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  • Brochure
September 04, 2023
Corporate Profile Report 2023

Download the latest Zuken Corporate Profile including statements from the Board and financial highlights.

Management report and vision - Zuken Inc, Yokohama
Zuken DF Reuse Template
  • Press Release
August 30, 2023
Zuken Unveils CR-8000 2023 with Enhanced Design Efficiency and Analysis for High-Density, High-Speed PCB Designs

CR-8000 Release 2023 includes numerous innovations to enhance design efficiency and analysis to address the challenges of high-density and high-speed PCBs

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  • White Paper
August 28, 2023
How to Leverage MBSE to Solve Critical Challenges in Discrete Manufacturing

This white paper introduces a solution that combines the innovative approach of Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) with the best practice of managing data and processes in a PDM system.

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  • Press Release
July 12, 2023
GENESYS 2023 Model-Based Systems Engineering Software

GENESYS 2023 includes improved capabilities for storing, organizing, and managing views.

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Digital Transformation
  • Webinar
June 27, 2023
Model-Based Systems Engineering to help navigate Digital Transformation

This webinar will explore the fundamentals of systems engineering and the model-based approach and the importance of MBSE in addressing the increasing complexity of product design within Zuken's Electrical and Electronic design environments.

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E3.series 2023
  • Press Release
June 26, 2023
E3.series Release 2023

Release 2023 of E3.series contains important enhancements in the applications for control cabinet assembly and cable planning.

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eCADSTAR Libariy Editor: library parts can be locked for editing through concurrent users.
  • Press Release
June 06, 2023
eCADSTAR release 2023 enhances user experience and productivity

The eCADSTAR 2023 release includes; enhanced parts and net editing functionality, extended analysis capabilities for signal, power, and EMI, all the way through to new variant handling capabilities for distributed manufacturing.

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