Hydraulics & Pneumatics Design

Standalone and mixed fluid and electrical design

E3.fluid - Hydraulic, pneumatic, cooling and lubrication system design

E3.fluid is the solution for designing and documenting all fluid systems. It is a complete, easy-to-use solution with core functionality optimized for the development of hydraulic, pneumatic, cooling and lubrication systems. It can be used to develop standalone fluid schematics or combined with the electrical schematics to provide a mixed fluid and electrical design.

Combined electrical and fluid design with intelligent sheet formats for easy navigation between electrical and fluid elements

Consistent representations of electromechanical devices in pneumatic schematics, electrical schematics and installation diagrams

Design rule checking with optimized functionality for the development of hydraulic, pneumatic, cooling and lubrication systems

Hydraulic, pneumatic, cooling and lubrication systems activated by electric motors or pumps require integrated handling of fluid and electrical layouts.

Our solution approach enables fluid engineers to detail and document their hydraulic, pneumatic, cooling and lubrication schematic designs. Either to be developed independently or fully integrated with electrical control systems.

E3.fluid Key Features

Standalone fluid design

Our design software can be used to develop standalone fluid schematics or combined with the electrical schematics.

Mixed fluid and electrical designs

  • Cross-reference between electrical and fluid layouts
  • Intelligent sheets prevent design errors (only fluid layouts allowed on fluid sheets)
  • Combined bills of materials

hydraulics design and pneumatics design

Intelligent parts library

  • Part usage tracking
  • Extensive symbol library included

Design automation

  • Automatic connections (Auto-connect)
  • Multiple design rule checks
  • Design reuse with predefined sub-circuits
  • Automatic assignment of quick connectors to hoses and tubes
  • Prevent incorrect hose and tube sizing

Multiple views

E3.fluid+ allows users to create multiple views of their equipment such as a valve shown in both the schematic and manifold drawing.

Making use of E3.series’ object oriented functionality E3.fluid ensures all documentation is always correct, irrespective of where modification are carried out.

Satisfied customers

E3.series is much more than a single tool for us. Everything we do relies on us having accurate, live data – and that’s what E3.series feeds into virtually all of our processes

Martin PricePurchasing and IT Director, BCA Leisure

With such a compressed timeframe for the ACCEL aerospace initiative, speed is everything. E3.series was selected because of its ease-of-use, flexibility, and output capability for all data needed to manufacture wiring harnesses, including bills of materials.

Stjohn YoungmanElectroflight’s Programme Manager, Electroflight

We chose E3.series because it was best able to meet our design requirements. As our needs have evolved, so has E3.series. With each new version, Zuken gives us the functionality we need for higher productivity and quality

Sami KiviojaEngineering Manager, ABB Process Automation

We wanted a flexible, highly integrated electrical design solution which would help us improve our existing system and establish new design processes, ranging from the capture of a vehicle’s functional electrical topology, through detailed design, to the creation of harness manufacture data.

David AlexanderGroup Engineering Systems Manager, Alexander Dennis

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