digital engineering

Digital Engineering

The Transformation of Electrical and Electronic Product Development

A recent IDC study showed that 90% of small and medium-size businesses are budgeting for the digital transformation and 73% have begun the process. According to the survey, the top goal for these companies making the digital transformation journey is to improve product development and design processes.

The Digital Transformation of Product Development

As companies transform and adopt Digital Engineering practices to improve product development processes, Zuken is also transforming.  With the acquisition of Vitech Corporation, an industry leader in  Model-Based System Engineering technology, Zuken is embracing the digital transformation of electrical and electronic product development.

digital engineering

Digital Engineering Fundamentals

Model-Based Design

Digital Engineering begins with the construction of a product model by the Systems Engineering team. The model is comprised of architecture, requirements, and behaviors creating a design envelope for the electrical and electronic components of the product.

3D Detailed Design

A major obstacle to model-based design is making the model relevant throughout the product lifecycle. The electrical and electronic design tools need to import the model architecture and expose the requirements to the detailed design team.

Digital Thread

Maintaining a robust digital engineering design process requires a digital thread to capture digital conversations for traceability. The digital conversation can span internal and external organizations and involve procurement, vendors, design, manufacturing and field service.

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