Automotive Engineering Solutions

Automotive Engineering Solutions

Managing Complexity in Automotive Engineering

Paving the way for smart cars and electric vehicles

Zuken helps its customers prepare for the smart cars, autonomous and electric vehicles, and special vehicles of the future. More than 40% of the global automotive sector use Zuken tools/automotive engineering solutions for their electrical schematics.

Through decades of close partnership with our automotive customers, we have the experience to understand individual requirements and the expertise and technology to implement a tailored solution.

Automotive Engineering Solutions - PCB Automotive


With as many as 70 electronic control units (ECUs) and 2,000 cables connecting in-vehicle modules, automobiles are among the most advanced and complex electronics products on the market. Manufacturers and suppliers are challenged to manage more requirements, configurations and change processes than ever, all in an increasingly sophisticated engineering design environment.

Our Automotive Engineering Solutions

ECU-Design for advanced applications

Our electronic design and engineering tools are used by numerous automotive manufacturers and Tier-1 suppliers to develop and drive engine and chassis management systems. Our advanced 3D multi-board and IC packaging solution CR-8000 covers the entire electronic system engineering lifecycle: from architectural planning, engineering and system-level optimization to physical implementation and manufacturing.

Cabling and Wire Harness Design

The Zuken product portfolio covers the entire electrical and electronic system. PCB design data generated in our advanced 3D multiboard and IC packaging environment CR-8000 can be imported directly into E3.series, where a function blocks are generated, interface connectors are placed and the signal definition and additional attributes are imported. Using this functionality the data flow between PCB design and system design can be done with just a few clicks.

Wire Harness Design Collaboration

With industry standard formats such as KBL and VEC based tools, Zuken enables barrier-free 3D collaboration between automotive manufacturers and wiring harness suppliers. The open and interoperable products E3.HarnessAnalyzer and E3.WiringSystemLab support the import of the industry-standard formats KBL, VEC and PLMXML, visualization in 2D and 3D and the automatic creation of schematic drawings. With easy-to-use tools, the wiring harness topology can be optimized in terms of cost and weight.

Our satisfied customers

Having decided to deploy a new EDS design environment, and after determining our database structure and setup, it didn’t take long for E3.series to start helping us reduce engineering time, so we can more easily meet our custom vehicle manufacturing deadlines. We are now in a position to serve our customers more effectively by meeting a business objective to turn around option change requests much faster

Chris DarringtonElectrical Design Engineer, Dennis Eagle

Different customers provide different levels and types of information at the beginning of a project. Some know the components they are using, others don’t. While another company may know the layout of the car, another might not. The way E3.series is structured with its database means that I can start the project either at the schematic phase or at the formboard

Mike TicknerDirector, HCI Systems

We work on incredibly complex designs for customers in Formula 1, and E3.series gives us the confidence that we can meet the professional requirements and future challenges of this industry. E3.series also gives us the design turnaround speeds, quality and ECAD/MCAD integration we need to expand our business into the mainstream automotive, off-road vehicles and rail sectors

John TrumanDirector, Racetech Harnessing Ltd.

Since we started using E3.series almost two years ago we have reduced our design cycle by almost 40%, compared with our previous practice of wire harness design using non-automated tools.

M. AmardeepkumarR&D Manager, TVS Motors

We looked for a tool to give an end-to-end design path from schematic capture to physical design. One of the reasons E3.series stood out is its inbuilt electrical intelligence. This will help us reduce rework and add digital prototyping into our engineering design process to satisfy challenging time-to-market and quality demands.

Luigi BaracchinoElectrical Engineering Manager, Piaggio

Zuken is among the top performers within the 80 companies we have audited so far; it is uncommon for a software supplier such as Zuken to achieve Automotive SPICE certification to this level. This result shows Zuken to be a robust and reliable partner for the automotive industry supply chain

Achim HoenowHead of Software Supplier Quality Management at Continental Automotive

With motorsport one of the key things is flexibility and being able to do things quickly, which is why we chose E3.series.

Mark AitkenDesign Engineer at M-Sport

Our objective three years ago was to reduce the electrical architecture design cycle for a new car by 20% requiring no extra resources, just improved process and product development integration. E3.Wiring Diagram Generator is proving to be instrumental in making this possible.

Mr PuiattiManager, Engineering and Design at Fiat Group Automobiles

We can help you with

For automotive electronic/electrical systems, change triggers numerous quality and time issues. As the car’s central nervous system, the wiring system is the component subjected to the most design changes.

With our industry leading native electrical and electronic data management solutions, we provide visibility and up-to date engineering information to enable fully documented and detailed change and configuration processes

Typical time savings of 50% and beyond can be achieved by taking the digital electrical design flow beyond basic schematic and cable design into more complex option and variant management. Cost savings naturally follow, due to productivity benefits.

With E3.HarnessAnalyzer we provide a solution to manage modular wire harness configurations for customer-specific harnesses (KSK) to enable sharing of the comprehensive harness design model and documents with internal or external project teams.

Tight control of electromechanical data is one way all stakeholders in the value chain can control product complexity and contain costs. Manufacturers frequently offer 100+ configuration options for the electrical equipment of a vehicle. Electrical systems are therefore often developed in a modular approach. These options & variants may be untested in a particular configuration, making up-front analysis and design-checking imperative.

With E3.HarnessAnalyzer we provide a solution to manage modular wire harness configurations for customer-specific harnesses (KSK) to enable sharing of the comprehensive harness design model and documents with internal or external project teams.

With E3.HarnessAnalyzer Zuken enables 3D, barrier-free collaboration between automotive OEMs and harness suppliers. E3.HarnessAnalyzer 2018 supports the import of industry harness data standard formats KBL, VEC and PLMXML, visualizes them in 2D and 3D, and automatically compiles schematic drawings

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