Model-Based Systems Engineering with GENESYS

A powerful solution for model creation

MBSE for Electrical and Electronic Design

Digital Engineering requires a model-based design process that begins in Systems Engineering.  Zuken acquired Vitech Corporation, a leader in Systems Engineering practices and model-based systems engineering (MBSE) solutions, with the intent of implementing an E/E model-based design process.  The model-driven system provides a single source of truth for the product development process.


MBSE panel 2

Collaborative Model Creation

GENESYS implements proven model-centric approaches leveraging modern technologies in a completely open architecture. The result is the power of a full MBSE environment with the usability of modern office tools integrated with your desktop, engineering, and enterprise environments to deliver your data your way.

GENESYS delivers connectivity through a collaborative framework that supports today’s geographically dispersed engineering teams. Build better models and deliver better products.

  • Integrated requirements management
  • Fully executable behavior models
  • Architecture development tools
  • Validation and Verification

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