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An Authoritative Systems Engineering Source of Truth

Model-based systems engineering, or MBSE, is a methodical way of looking at complex problems that yields tremendous insights. Rather than scattering information across multiple documents, diagrams, and spreadsheets, the knowledge is captured clearly and cohesively in an authoritative systems engineering source of truth. You have one idea in one place providing the right data at the right time in the right presentation for communication and analysis. With GENESYS, Zuken offers a powerful next-generation MBSE software that is equally suitable for modelling and verifying products, system architectures and systems of systems.

Consider the benefits of the GENESYS MBSE 2.0 software

Vitech GENESYS is an integrated model-based systems engineering software toolset that covers all four domains of systems engineering — requirements, behavior, architecture, and verification and validation — holding all of the information in the tool itself and allowing you to do the engineering.

A single, authoritative source of information

With GENESYS, all model information resides in a single repository. A single model captures all details and customer needs and tracks all changes.


The single repository of GENESYS allows you to develop and trace system architecture from system to subsystem and into component levels.

Automatically generated diagrams and reports

GENESYS supports a wide range of formats and views: from DoDAF and SysML diagrams to EFFBD and parametric diagrams to engineering reports.

Full-featured API

GENESYS easily interfaces with 3rd party tools, such as: Excel, PowerPoint, Project, Phoenix ModelCenter MBSE, and Simulink.

Connectors to software such as Excel, DOORS, MATLAB, Simulink, and ModelCenter allow you to extend your analysis while collaborating with others in their tool of choice

Connect to office and engineering environments

GENESYS comes as a complete solution out of the box and includes with it a set of connectors to other commonly-used programs, amplifying your effectiveness. Connectors to software such as Excel, DOORS, MATLAB, Simulink, and ModelCenter allow you to extend your analysis while collaborating with others in their tool of choice.

Autogenerate diagrams

GENESYS provides you with a rich portfolio of representations, including the full suite of SysML diagrams. This comprehensive resource at your fingertips allows you to meet your audience where they are, whether it’s an internal audience of detailed engineers, or an external audience of stakeholders. Focus attention through the effective use of color and hide content without changing the design. Manually format a diagram for just the right touch, or use intuitive rule-based formatting to generate powerful visuals with ease.

GENESYS offers an extensive choice of diagram stylses and representations, while maintaining the correctnes of all views
GENESYS provides a live, integrated design repository that allows you to maintain a single source of truth for your system design

Traceability throughout the lifecycle

GENESYS manages the bookkeeping aspects of systems engineering, instantly scoping the impact of a change. A live, integrated design repository allows you to maintain a single source of truth for your system design — giving you consistent, reliable, automatic, deep traceability throughout the project lifecycle. Produce specifications and requirement traceability matrices quickly at any point throughout a project, knowing that your documents reflect the most current data.

Ease of use

Your MBSE tool should support and simplify that work, not complicate it. Begin creating designs within an hour of unlocking your license.

  • Construct and modify your design with the ease of drag-drop
  • Hide information to highlight what you are interested in seeing
  • Generate reports automatically
  • Customize your diagrams with formatting that suits your needs

Lower the barrier to entry and democratize good systems engineering with a powerful yet easy-to-use systems engineering tool.

GENESYS comes as a complete solution out of the box.

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