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How to Leverage MBSE to Solve Critical Challenges in Discrete Manufacturing

A Guide to Mastering Complexity, Empowering Collaboration, and Maintaining Agility with a practical MBSE-based Solution

Companies operating in discrete manufacturing and in the automotive ecosystem are looking for ways to secure future business success in the face of new challenges. These challenges come in the form of market volatility, new competitors, the need for increased agility in all business areas, and increasing product, process, and value chain complexity.

A Practical Approach for MBSE

This white paper introduces a solution that combines the innovative approach of Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) with the best practice of managing data and processes in a PDM system.

A dynamic connection of product requirements and product structure with the help of models promises a number of substantial improvements in the processes of product development.


  • Coherent optimization of requirements, products and processes
  • Benefits of modularization for product quality, variant management and reuse
  • MBSE solution model for practical use
  • Tools tailored for interdisciplinary collaboration
  • Support for workflows with the data model

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