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PCB design solutions for every requirement

Zuken offers PCB design software solutions for a large variety of target applications.  CR-8000 is built for the power user looking for advanced capabilities such as multi-board design and IC packaging.  eCADSTAR is for those looking for a feature-rich product with a focus on ease of use.  Both come with Zuken’s commitment to exceptional quality and customer service.

Enterprise PCB Design Software

CR-8000 is built for demanding designs. Utilizing a native 3D graphics kernel, CR-8000 provides the performance needed for today’s most complicated designs.  The CR-8000 product family includes multi-board architecture optimization and 2D/3D detailed design as well as chip/package/board co-design.  Advanced manufacturing solutions makes CR-8000 a complete and powerful design platform.




eCADSTAR - Zuken

Desktop PCB Design Software

eCADSTAR delivers a rich feature at a competitive price.   For those looking for a tool built for ease of use and performance, eCADSTAR should be on the shortlist.  eCADSTAR delivers a complete 2D/3D design process that includes web part import, SI/PI analysis, and IPC-2581 manufacturing outputs.


*eCADSTAR has its own website – www.ecadstar.com

Engineering Data Management

WIP design data management, design collaboration, project management, design re-use, and “where-used” traceability are some of the primary capabilities that DS-CR provides to your Design Teams. DS-CR provides an Enterprise-level secure central source of information by unifying all of your electronic engineering data into one environment.

PCB Data Management



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