CR-8000 Design Force

Design Force combines traditional 2D design with native 3D design and the latest human interface techniques, accelerated graphics, and almost instantaneous rendering and refreshing. It is the fastest, most effective PCB layout software available today. Design Force enables design teams to layout their designs in the context of a complete system or product.

Concurrent design of multiple PCBs and Chip-Packages in a single environment

Hierarchical multi-board design and system-level signal and design traceability

Single environment for high-speed design with constraint management and SI and PI analysis

Design to any manufacturing specification with built-in design for manufacturing (DFM) checks

With a native 2D and 3D architecture, designers can effectively co-design a chip, package and board to optimize I/Os at each level, embed components in the dielectric of a stack-up intelligently, and verify manufacturing rules in real-time. Concurrent design-for-manufacturing checks and constraint verification ensure that both manufacturing and engineering intent are maintained during the design process.

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Design Force lets you manage multiple boards in one system, and bring them together in their physical environment.

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CR-8000 / CR-5000 Board Viewer

Share and review native design information to enhance communication during product development
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Design Force enables design teams to layout their designs in the context of a complete system or product. Designers can easily create any design from quick prototype boards to complex, multi-board systems using one tool. With inherent support for high-speed designs, engineers and layout designers can conduct signal integrity, EMC, and power integrity analysis concurrently, manage constraints, and autoroute a board – all in one environment.

Functionality Overview

Design Force combines traditional 2D PCB design with native 3D design to support a single board, multi-board and chip-package-board interconnect analysis and optimization.

advanced pcb layout software

Design Force manages multiple boards in one system. Users can select from a combination of PCBs, packages, and SoCs, and complete the layout of the design as a complete system.

CR-8000 Design Force - 3D Multiboard PCB

Design Force is the industry’s only chip/package/board co-design solution in one PCB layout tool.

With Design Force you can design and optimize your IC packaging design and never leave your PCB layout.

CR-8000 Design Force SiP Board
3D co-design of SiP with TSV on a PCB

Design Force supports advanced PCB layout tasks with sophisticated manual and automatic functionality that adheres to user definable sets of constraints.  With integrated analysis tools, users can conduct signal integrity analysis concurrently during the physical layout.

Easy-to-use interactive placement and routing features and powerful autoplacement and autorouting capabilities boost productivity while automatically adhering to differentiated constraints to ensure manufacturability and signal as well as power integrity.

Design Force PCB layout software allows access to embedded EMI and power integrity analysis and supports integrations to best-in-class analysis solutions for disciplines such as RF, Full-wave 3D signal integrity, power integrity, and thermal.

Design to any manufacturing specification during layout with built-in design for manufacturing (DFM) checks. Creation of panel designs, fabrication and assembly drawings, and CAM outputs.

Available Extensions

CR-8000 Design Force allows for a multitude of extensions to meet your specific design requirements

Comprehensive checking of PCB manufacturability early in the design process. CR-8000 ADM (Advanced Design for Manufacture) facilitates checking that the design conforms to both manufacturing and component mounting specifications.

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As IC packaging architecture advances, Zuken’s Design Force enables the designer to deal with the growing complexity in design space in handling high pin-counts, high-density designs, and the need to interface with multiple formats and flows. Parametric wizards are available to define and optimize pin maps. A native 3D interface is available to deal with the various package architectures allowing for seamless co-design with chip and PCB designs. For feasibility studies, automatic fan-out and full routing features are available.

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Our PCB layout software offers true co-design through a hierarchical setup wherein multiple designs can be brought together in the same framework. The connectivity between designs can be set up automatically or manually. The user is then able to move between designs (chip RDL, package, or board or any combination thereof). This enables the user to accurately see and edit the nets/routing on a system scale.

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A powerful PCB FPGA co-design environment that enables the exchange of I/O and constraint information between PCB designs and FPGA designs.

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Scenario EX enables to check the electrical characteristics and the connection topology of signal tracks. It allows “What-If Scenarios” of both schematic and layout data to optimize the behaviour of a circuit. It can be used both for interactive design and design verification. It can be used stand-alone or embedded into Design Force (Design Force SI)

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CR-8000 includes fully-integrated simulation and analysis tools to verify all aspects of your single or multi-board designs including:

  • Signal Integrity
  • Power Integrity
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)

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Fast and easy check of the current density of a layout structure towards a given maximum.

Advanced interactive and automatic routing. Specify multiple instances of strategy-driven areas and simultaneously autoroute the design.

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Board Viewer – free CAD viewer 

Board Viewer allows users to share and review native Design Force data to enhance communication during product development.

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Board Viewer Advance

An enhanced viewing tool for sharing and reviewing Design Force design information including component property viewing (query), cross-probing with schematics; Design Rule Checks and manufacturing rule checks; graphical comparison of boards.

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3D product visualization is becoming a critical need as the electrical and mechanical designs converge with little room for error. Many companies cite ECAD / MCAD design synchronization as a significant product design challenge. Traditional 2D PCB-centric design cannot meet the needs of a 3D multi-discipline product design process.

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A simulation environment for Power Integrity (AC impedance and de-coupling impact, DC voltage drop, current analysis) and electro-magnetic interference (EMI full board screening, differential mode, common mode, power bus noise).

An extension to the Design Force PCB layout software for the creation of panel designs, fabrication and assembly drawings, and CAM outputs.

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On demand webinars

  • Webinar
September 14, 2020
EMC for PCB Designers

In this presentation, an EMC minded PCB design approach is presented, allowing designers to understand which EMC rules will apply to PCB projects and how EMC analysis capabilities can be utilized in the CAD flow to reduce the risk of EMC compliance failure once the board is manufactured.

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  • Webinar
July 06, 2020
Practical Signal Integrity for improved EMI Control in PCB Design

In our webinar we will provide an introduction to the challenges of signal integrity and the underlying physical effects. This will provide the basis for practical tips to address the related challenges during PCB design.

  • Webinar
June 04, 2020
Constraint Specification in CR-8000

In this webinar the use of the Rule Stack Editor and Clearance Class in conjunction with the Constraint Browser will be explained step by step.

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  • Webinar
May 04, 2020
Advanced IC Packaging and Co-Design with Design Force
Webinar, Design Force Advanced Packaging, CR-8000
  • Webinar
November 15, 2019
How to be First to Market with DDR5!

DDR5 is the latest generation of memory. In this joint webinar with Keysight Technologies, we’ll begin with pre-layout simulation, then transition to CR-8000. The design will then be verified by Electromagnetic (EM) simulation and system simulations in Keysight ADS, in order to build confidence in the final DDR5 design.

  • Webinar
November 28, 2018
Design PCBs using an engineering knowledge base

Repeating the same mistakes, missing key requirements, and failure to follow design guidelines all cost time and money. An engineering knowledge base that is tightly integrated with the PCB design process can be a key differentiator for your design team.


Our satisfied customers

Our use of Design Gateway and Design Force within Zuken’s CR-8000 platform has enhanced the way our PCB designers and mechanical design engineers work together when developing complex flexible and flexi-rigid PCBs.

Pete LeonardElectronic Design Manager for Group Engineering, Renishaw

We have nothing but high praise for the Zuken development team, who produced results through active efforts under Pegatron proprietary technical requirements, and the outstanding flexibility of CR-8000, which has enabled us to pursue expanded functionality on our own. We are confident that utilizing this data and transferring design data will help us to expand our company’s business.

Mr. Steven HuangSenior Director RD Center-EA, SIM & CAE Division, Pegatron

In the development of the world’s thinnest and lightest 20-inch large-screen 4K tablet, CR-8000 Design Force’s system-level SI and thermal analysis effectively reduced the number of design spins during the project. Due to the success of this project, we will make more efforts with Zuken to develop our next generation 4K tablet using CR-8000 Design Force.

Mr. Kiyoshi Nakanishi4K Tablet Development Manager, Panasonic

With Zuken’s CR-8000 Design Force we have state-of-the-art technology to help us respond to the latest trends in the electronics industry. We also expect to see a remarkable boost in productivity due to a more streamlined process and tighter integration with simulation tools.

Patrik ModigSite Manager, Enics

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May 13, 2021
Back drilling vias: Save cost on buried vias and control cross talk

Back drilled vias: Save cost on buried vias and control cross talk.

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April 15, 2021
Tech Tip: 3D Collision and Clearance Checks in Multi-Board Design

Checking for potential electromechanical collisions is usually done more in the mechanical design environment. However, shifting the check to the electrical side during component placement can help create a more robust product. For multi-board PCB design, there are several built-in checks in Design Force that validate the design for collision and clearance requirements.

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January 28, 2021
Tech Tip: How to start a Multi-Board Design in CR-8000

Multi-board designs are becoming increasingly important as today's products require higher speeds and more complex circuits in smaller dimensions. There is more than one way to create multi-board layouts in CR-8000.

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August 25, 2020
Tech-Tip: Checking Data Outside the Board

Board design rule checks only check up to the board outline.  If you had dropped or moved some data outside the board outline there was no check for this until now...

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August 20, 2020
Exploring What’s New in CR-8000 2020

What drives the features that are added or updated in a new release?  The majority of the changes or additions in any Zuken tool release are customer-driven. Our customers provide valuable insight into emerging technologies, process and methodology changes, and the direction in which their EDA needs are taking them. This post focuses on the high points of the CR-8000 2020 release.

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July 07, 2020
Tech-Tip: Creating a Connector Pin Netlist

Checking the pinout of your connectors is an important part of creating your printed circuit board.  Checking your pin connections can save you from a costly re-spin of your circuit board.  This can be done using the Constraint Browser in Design Force.  By default, the Constraint Browser does not show this information.

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