CR-8000 Testimonials

A collection of testimonials from satisfied CR-8000 customers

Continental Automotive

“Zuken is among the top performers within the 80 companies we have audited so far; it is uncommon for a software supplier such as Zuken to achieve Automotive SPICE certification to this level. This result shows Zuken to be a robust and reliable partner for the automotive industry supply chain.”

Achim Hoenow, Head of Software Supplier Quality Management, Continental Automotive


Cummins Power Generation

“With design teams around the world, we need a PCB and system-level design platform that allows our teams to work concurrently and also deals with complex multi-board designs. Zuken’s CR-8000 Design Gateway and Design Force does this and more. Because of advanced multi-board capabilities and an integrated high-speed design environment, we collaborate effectively while pushing technology boundaries, which play an important role in our product development.”

– Jerry Murray, PCB Design Team Leader, Cummins Power Generation


“Zuken proved to be a trusted partner as we defined and deployed this new design methodology based on modular design.”

– Bill Meyer, Director, Electronics Hardware, Cummins



“Through the standardization of design data and libraries we have created the foundation for the systematic reuse of existing designs.”

“In the past, we had to manually collect the data for every single task. Today the user pulls up a menu and selects the required documents to initiate automatic generation.”

– Paul Burger, Group Leader PCB Design Research + Development at Endress+Hauser



“We aim to be the partner of choice for Industrial focused OEMs when they are looking for professional EMS solutions. With Zuken’s CR-8000 Design Force we have state-of-the-art technology to help us respond to the latest trends in the electronics industry. We also expect to see a remarkable boost in productivity due to a more streamlined process and tighter integration with simulation tools.”

– Patrik Modig, Site Manager, Enics



“Zuken’s DS-2 (DS-CR) data management software offered everything we needed. As the Surface™ portfolio of products grew, data management for electrical design became an increasingly critical element of our process, and we were excited about the opportunity DS-2 provides to better integrate supply chain optimization directly into design decisions right at the engineer’s desktop. We are in the second phase of deployment managing our component library, and so far we are very pleased with the results.”

– Erik von Fuchs, Director of Engineering, Surface Products, Microsoft Corporation


Norbit ODM

“Working with Zuken will enable us to take the next step in product innovation, bring about design efficiencies and allow us to have more control over our systems.”

– Per Jørgen Weisethaunet, CEO, Norbit ODM

Panasonic Corporation

“In the development of the world’s thinnest and lightest 20-inch large-screen 4K tablet, CR-8000 Design Force’s system-level SI and thermal analysis effectively reduced the number of design spins during the project. Due to the success of this project, we will make more efforts with Zuken to develop our next generation 4K tablet using CR-8000 Design Force.”

– Mr. Kiyoshi Nakanishi, 4K Tablet Development Manager, Panasonic


“Previous CAD architecture had already become dated and we were encountering limitations in our ability to respond to new circuit board technologies, and in keeping up with the latest software technologies. We have nothing but high praise for the Zuken development team, who produced results through active efforts under Pegatron proprietary technical requirements, and the outstanding flexibility of CR-8000, which has enabled us to pursue expanded functionality on our own. We are confident that utilizing this data and transferring design data will help us to expand our company’s business.”

– Mr. Steven Huang, Senior Director RD Center-EA, SIM & CAE Division, Pegatron


Rohde & Schwarz

“It was our objective for development engineers to get the ability to define the full configuration bandwidth upfront during schematics definition, so that the schematic becomes the master document for manufacturing project execution.”

– Siegfried Doser and Robert Hahn, Development Support, Rohde & Schwarz

Siemens Rail Automation

“We’ve found that System Planner and Design Gateway help our design teams collaborate effectively throughout our electronic system design process because our requirements are managed and implemented in one integrated environment. We are able to complete our technical feasibility studies earlier, which enables us to provide a major benefit to our customers by getting quotations to them faster.”

– Michael Flügel, project manager EDA software, Siemens Rail Automation

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