E3.series Testimonials

A collection of testimonials from satisfied E3.series customers

“We chose E3.series because it was best able to meet our design requirements. As our needs have evolved, so has E3.series. With each new version, Zuken gives us the functionality we need for higher productivity and quality.”

– Sami Kivioja, Engineering Manager, ABB Process Automation

“We wanted a flexible, highly integrated electrical design solution which would help us improve our existing system and establish new design processes, ranging from the capture of a vehicle’s functional electrical topology, through detailed design, to the creation of harness manufacture data.”

– David Alexander, Group Engineering Systems Manager, Alexander Dennis


“The intelligence contained in the database of E3.series has helped reduce design time to about one-third of the time required in the past. These time savings have made it possible for us to bid on more complex systems without concern that the electrical design could not be completed within the project deadline. With the database keeping track of the components and signals, it’s also more difficult to make a mistake which makes it easier to assemble and troubleshoot the system.”

– Joe Geisinger, Chief Technology Officer, ARM Automation


“In the past it might have taken us months to design the wire harnesses and agree to a POC (proof of concept). Now we can do a feasibility test in weeks by copying and making changes to the existing model. Going from months to weeks has not only made ATK more competitive, but has established us as a trusted partner of NASA. Besides these savings, we also have much more confidence that our designs are correct. Zuken has been an exceptional partner throughout this process and was there with us the entire way.”

– Nathan Holyoak, Engineer PLM Processes, ATK

“Since we’ve been using E3.series, our technicians find it much easier to work with the schematic output from E3.series which provides more detailed documentation. E3.series is exceptionally stable and has an open access API. This has allowed us to customize the solution to suit our design process.”

– Chris Hatfield, Technical Director, A-Tech Systems

“Had we not switched to E3.series and been able to improve our operational efficiencies I don’t think we’d feel as confident about the future. As it is we’re able to better accommodate changes in the supply chain and provide a fast and cost-effective service for our customers.”

“E3.series is much more than a single tool for us. Everything we do relies on us having accurate, live data – and that’s what E3.series feeds into virtually all of our processes”

– Martin Price, Purchasing and IT Director, BCA Leisure


“One of the good things about E3.series is that it doesn’t dictate where you have to start. Within a project, users can start with the main assembly they consider most effective.”

“We are now experiencing a noticeable increase in productivity because we have slashed the time it takes to develop the first sample or pre- series device. Manufacturing drawings for individual connection cables can be produced from the wiring drawings in a highly automated fashion.”

– Jürgen Fink, Head of the Electronics Development Department, Bruker


“Having decided to deploy a new EDS design environment, and after determining our database structure and setup, it didn’t take long for E3.series to start helping us reduce engineering time, so we can more easily meet our custom vehicle manufacturing deadlines. We are now in a position to serve our customers more effectively by meeting a business objective to turn around option change requests much faster.”

– Chris Darrington, Electrical Design Engineer, Dennis Eagle

“With such a compressed timeframe for the ACCEL aerospace initiative, speed is everything. E3.series was selected because of its ease-of-use, flexibility, and output capability for all data needed to manufacture wiring harnesses, including bills of materials.”

– Stjohn Youngman, Programme Manager, Electroflight


“We evaluated two leading CAD vendors of which Zuken was the clear winner, because its E3.Series software also supports the development of hydraulics, which our aircraft has for the cooling of the
battery and key powertrain components.”

– Joe Holdsworth,  Control Systems Engineer, Electroflight


“We have a very sophisticated and all-encompassing system with an advanced control system. With E3.series I am in control of this complexity and it has allowed me to create designs logically. It is the ultimate way to take what I have in my head and put it on paper. When working with a harness supplier, I can point out where things are wrong. It is fantastic to have the knowledge that E3.series can do everything I want. In the same way that our vehicles are highly customizable, so is the functionality within E3.series that allows us to realize this.”

“The detailed schematic reduces the time we spend answering customer questions as a result of the quality of documentation, which has allowed us to reduce costs associated with customer support. We also anticipate reduced downtime involved in repairs due to the superior quality of the schematics.”

– Graeme Shields, Design Manager, Emergency One


“As the demand for our highly disruptive eye diagnostic and measurement products accelerate, scalability is a priority. A key driver in selecting Zuken’s E3.series was the ability to add integrated electronic design and data management solutions as we grow. We compared other systems in the market and found Zuken gave us the flexibility and scalability we were looking for.”

– Dr. Omkar Joshi, Senior Electronic Engineer, Eyoto

“Once E3.series is deployed throughout Fiat, all the Company databases can be rationalized allowing Fiat to realize the “data-centric process” which is a key-objective for Fiat”

“Our objective three years ago was to reduce the electrical architecture design cycle for a new car by 20%, requiring no extra resources, just improved process and product development integration. E3.Wiring Diagram Generator is proving to be instrumental in making this possible.”

“The important first step that Fiat has taken in partnership with Zuken will result in a complete automation of the low-value processes (eg. scm-drafting) involved in the full harnessing of a complete-car design.”

– Paolo Puiatti, Power and Signal Distribution Manager, FIAT Group Automobiles


“Within the scope of the E3.series Component Alliance Program we are now able to make the data of our components accessible to our customers. We welcome the opportunity to make our contribution to a more rationalized optimized and shorter development process by using the benefits (or data) of our innovative product portfolio.”

– Hartmut Schwettman, Managing Director, HARTING Electric

“Different customers provide different levels and types of information at the beginning of a project. Some know the components they are using, others don’t. While another company may know the layout of the car, another might not. The way E3.series is structured with its database means that I can start the project either at the schematic phase or at the formboard.”

– Mike Tickner, Director, HCI Systems

“The days of non-intelligent drawing packages are over. We need better tools that can offer design reuse, bring about standardization, and can still deliver flexibility – like E3.series. We also need partners like Zuken who are willing to listen, learn, communicate and be proactive in regards to meeting our needs.”

– Norman MacDonald, UK Engineering Director, Honeywell

“The benefit that we were able to achieve through the introduction of E3.series is that we can not only build projects in batch sizes from one to five, but that we can also provide them with comprehensive CE compliant documentation.”

“Whenever we start a new documentation project now, we simply load the components into the projects, create the connections and generate the BOM – that’s it!”

– Horst Fößl, Head of Engineering, Kässbohrer Transport Technik



“It was a deliberate decision to rely on a best-in-class solution that combines two specialized toolsets.”

– Dr. Goy Hinrich Korn, CIO, KRONE


“Today, we have all mechanical, hydraulic and electrical assemblies available in one information source. This puts us in a position to build a number of robust downstream processes on them.”

“The interface between E³.series and CATIA® brought our cable harness design much closer to the physical design world.”

– Stefan Thygs, System Administrator, Electrical Engineering, KRONE


“Today, we are in a position to produce detailed cable harness drawings and bill of materials that the supplier can directly use for harness manufacturing.”

– Michael Blume, Head of Technical Applications, IT Department, KRONE


“With motorsport one of the key things is flexibility and being able to do things quickly, which is why we chose E3.series. We are also looking forward to saving lots of time with the automatic checking features – no more poring over printouts checking wire connections!”

– Mark Aitken, Design Engineer, M-Sport


“The new E3.series tools we’ve adopted have improved the way we work and shortened the time it takes to make a modification to cable harnesses. It’s also increased our confidence that it’s 100% correct.”

– Carl Worthington, Principal Electrical Engineer, Mecalac


“In addition to showing their technical superiority during the search, Zuken’s business structure will support our own internal efforts to become one Terex.”

– Dr. Suresh Natarajan, Global Director, Electrical Systems, Mecalac  (formerly the Terex Corporation)


“The most important argument in favor of E³.series is its strength in the area of options and variants. Up to 80% of all our variants can now be represented in the feature tree of one single project.”

“Increased effort in design enables cheaper and faster production. Also, rework because of overpopulated terminals or excessive bundle sizes has decreased significantly.”

– Markus Husner, Head of Control Systems Technology, Müller Martini Electronic AG


“The E3.series software is an integral part of the Optima Group’s PLM strategy and supports the whole lifecycle of our plants.”

–  The Optima Group

E3.series is our preferred choice of electrical CAD, since it is intelligent and provides the designer, all the required features to design error-free drawings and generate reports, such as BOM and connection lists, with one mouse-click. Documentation required for production is easily generated from E3.series. E3.series’ integration with our mechanical CAD software makes it an even more versatile solution, since we can calculate the length of cables/wires required for the harness within the robot.”

– Mr. Abhinay Bollam, Head of Production, OTSAW 


“We looked for a tool to give an end-to-end design path from schematic capture to physical design. One of the reasons E3.series stood out is its inbuilt electrical intelligence. This will help us reduce rework and add digital prototyping into our engineering design process to satisfy challenging time-to-market and quality demands. Piaggio Group previously used a generic rather than wiring harness-dedicated 2D design tool for cabling design, but it was unable to meet stringent new cost effectiveness, global parts unification and time efficiency targets. We selected E3.series after benchmarking several CAD tools.”

– Luigi Baracchino, Electrical Engineering Manager, Piaggio


“We work on incredibly complex designs for customers in Formula 1, and E3.series gives us the confidence that we can meet the professional requirements and future challenges of this industry. E3.series also gives us the design turnaround speeds, quality and ECAD/MCAD integration we need to expand our business into the mainstream automotive, off-road vehicles and rail sectors.”

– John Truman, Director, Racetech Harnessing Ltd.


“For a long time we searched for software that could provide automatic drawing generation. E3.series is very efficient software and we are now able to design complex diagrams much quicker than before. We are also very pleased with the technical support we receive.”

– Tanongchai S., Engineering Supervisor, Schneider Electric Thailand

“Receiving version-proof data from our electrical design team forms the basis of our optimized manufacturing process. Stadler has therefore decided to use DS-E3 for managing its electrical engineering work-in-progress data.”

– Christoph Leiterer, Head of Electrical and Software Engineering Tailormade, Stadler Rail 

E3.series will allow us to increase the quality and performance of our harness designs for manufacturing. And because E3.series is aimed at specialists in electrical architecture it supports our overall design process, right up to the generation of production orders.”

– Christophe Vergneault, CEO of Techno MAP

“Using E3.series will give us the ability to provide much more engineering design work for our customers. There’s also the added value in terms of manufacturing having access to a digital database of components that we can pull up on the shop floor. Overall E3.series will give us the platform for closer collaboration with our customers and reduce the time for providing new designs or design changes, in turn reducing lead times and costs.”

– Steve Clarke, Managing Director, Teepee Electrical

“Since we started using E3.series almost two years ago we have reduced our design cycle by almost 40%, compared with our previous practice of wire harness design using non-automated tools.”

– M. Amardeepkumar, R&D Manager, TVS Motors

“With E3.RevisionManagement, we have the ability to verify our compliance with ISO certification and rail standard DIN EN 61082. In particular, the generation of a detailed and complete change history for our manufacturing documentation, the automated revision of parts lists and subsequent transfer to our production system, has led to significant time and economic savings. Moreover, the number of errors has been reduced within the revision workflow and which has been further optimized using error analysis.”

– Heiner Morich, Technical Project Manager, Vossloh Locomotives

“The engineering phase is decisive for the success and efficiency of control cabinet production. An intelligent coordination of digital product data and networked engineering tools provides a solid basis for efficient assembly.”

– Dr. Bernhard Gorny, Head of Product Lifecycle Data Management, Weidmüller


“We realized that to continue to serve our global markets with leading-edge products, we needed to take our mechanical, electrical and software engineering processes to the next level. By integrating domain-specific development processes into an end-to-end mechatronic engineering environment, we will be able to offer our customers cost-efficient and customized solutions that cut their engineering lead time and overheads.”

– Theodor Determann, Managing Director, Windmöller & Hölscher


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