Extract ECAD design data from MCAD designs

E3.3DTransformer - Interactive Demonstration

Import 3D MCAD models and extract the relevant electrical components

E3.3DTransformer is an application that provides a bridge between the Mechanical development of a machine or vehicle and electrical design.

It can read imported 3D MCAD models and extract the relevant electrical components such as connectors and bundles, providing you with an output of a 3D design and 2D wire harness drawing.

Register now to begin your guided and interactive software evaluation. After your registration we will send you a link by email which provides you the direct access to our web application.

In the web environment there will be a guided tutorial and in parallel you can directly try out some of the functions of the E3.3DTransformer.

What to expect

  • The interactive tutorial will start with an introduction movie outlining how software will work
  • During parts of the demo the main area becomes interactive, allowing you to interact with the software / components on screen and manipulate the views of the design.

E3.series - E3.3DTransformer interactive demo example

System Requirements

  • Screen Resolution: For best results, view at 1920 x 1080 pixels or greater


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