System-level PCB design

System-Level PCB Design

Logical circuit design and verification of electronic designs on a single and multi-board level

CR-8000 Design Gateway

Design Gateway is a platform for logical electronic circuit design and verification of single and multi-board system-level designs. It supports a true system-level PCB design in which individual circuits can be represented and connected as blocks. The platform enables engineers to manage signal continuity (interconnects) at the system level rather than just at the design level, allowing for an evaluation of board-to-board signal continuity.

Support for multi-board design and extraction of multiple PCB netlists from one schematic

Interface with best-in-class simulation tools for analogue/mixed signal, RF, and system level analysis

"What-if” studies to determine best termination and topology of critical signals

Parallel use of black box symbols and parts to enable initial layout early in the design process

Design Gateway brings extensive design, simulation, and analysis capabilities to your desktop. It allows companies to manage and make optimal use of engineering design data across all company and team sites. Intelligent multi-board PCB design is inherently supported in Design Gateway.

The platform provides complete system-level PCB design. Native and interactive integration with a wide range of signal integrity (SI), analog, digital, and multi-technology verification tools for electronic circuits is provided. Through this, it also supports the co-simulation of analog and digital functional blocks and programmable devices. Design Gateway enables design re-use, allowing engineers to use proven and tested logical circuits from previous projects.

System-level PCB design

Video: Design Gateway - Product tour

How to manage signal continuity (interconnects) at the system level in a compact 1:20 min overview

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CR-8000 Design Gateway overview

A complete solution for the design and verification of single and multiboard systems

Design Gateway allows you to design a true system-level electronic circuit design by creating a board-level block or connector symbol for each individual circuit, and connecting them together to define a complete system. Engineers can avoid maintaining spreadsheets of system interconnects, and manage them with intelligent graphical design.

With the power of the multi-board design technology in Design Gateway, you have the option of selecting each board symbol and generating a netlist for each PCB or create a full system-level netlist to support the complete analysis of a product.

logical electronic circuit design for pcb design

Whether you are challenged with the complex requirements of DDR2/3/4 or faced with incorporating the latest high-speed interfaces, the Constraint Browser within Design Gateway enables you to define constraints for any combination of nets, extended nets, differential pairs, and busses using a spreadsheet approach. In the same instance, a user can continue adding layout rules for nets and manage complex spacing rules within net groups and between net groups.

pcb creation based on logical circuit design

With embedded simulation and verification, and flexibility to interface with best-in-class tools, Design Gateway reduces errors and improves your design cycle time by utilizing the same schematic for both PCB layout and simulation. Whether you require analog or digital simulation, verifying polarized capacitors are connected correctly, or insuring that the simulated signal voltage doesn’t exceed power ratings of a component, you can accomplish all this in a co-design flow using Design Gateway.

The benefits of design reuse are well-known, but implementing a methodology that is flexible, easy to use, and can take advantage of data management was not fully realized until Design Gateway. Design Gateway introduces a flexible approach that allow you to design with certified circuits, use a circuit from an existing design as a template for a new design, or creating a multi-PCB design – using either a top-down or bottom-up approach. Block circuits can be saved in a library for you to catalog and search and add to a design. Revision control can be used to govern any changes to a circuit – all part of Design Gateway’s robust approach to block circuit management.

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Silicon Expert

Keep your Corporate Library Data up to date with SiliconExpert

Zuken and SiliconExpert have partnered to deliver critical component information to engineers within the CR-8000 and DS-CR design and database environment. The integration enables engineers to make better component selection decisions, resulting in higher quality products and lower costs in less time.

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Optional Products and Extensions

The following can be added to extend the functionality of CR-8000 Design Gateway

A simulation cockpit for Spice simulation tools (PSpice, LTSpice, HSPICE).

Circuit DR-Navi helps design teams consolidate engineering expertise and best practices into a central knowledge base integrated with the design process. During logical electronic circuit design, engineers can access a standard set of requirements or create project-specific instructions to drive design guidelines across the PCB design flow.

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Graphical Pin Manager (GPM), offers an effective FPGA / PCB co-design environment providing support for the latest devices offered by FPGA vendors, such as Xilinx, Altera, Lattice, and Microsemi.

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Design Gateway’s Circuit Adviser enables engineers to conduct concurrent, advanced electrical rule checks during logical circuit creation. Users can specify rules and conditions, create check results, cross-probe results with the design and generate summary reports.

Design Gateway Viewer is a native schematic data viewer with comprehensive analysis capabilities, such as cross-probing, constraint viewing, signal classes and many more.

Scenario EX enables to check the electrical characteristics and the connection topology of signal tracks. It allows “What-If Scenarios” of both schematic and layout data to optimize the behaviour of a circuit. It can be used both for interactive design and design verification.

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Our Satisfied Customers

We’ve found that System Planner and Design Gateway help our design teams collaborate effectively throughout our electronic system design process because our requirements are managed and implemented in one integrated environment. We are able to complete our technical feasibility studies earlier, which enables us to provide a major benefit to our customers by getting quotations to them faster.

Michael FlügelProject Manager EDA software, Siemens Rail Automation

Our use of Design Gateway and Design Force within Zuken’s CR-8000 platform has enhanced the way our PCB designers and mechanical design engineers work together when developing complex flexible and flexi-rigid PCBs.

Pete LeonardElectronic Design Manager for Group Engineering, Renishaw

With design teams around the world, we need a PCB and system-level design platform that allows our teams to work concurrently and also deals with complex multi-board designs. Zuken’s CR-8000 Design Gateway and Design Force does this and more. Because of advanced multi-board capabilities and an integrated high-speed design environment, we collaborate effectively while pushing technology boundaries, which play an important role in our product development.

Jerry MurrayPCB Design Team Leader, Cummins

The XJTAG DFT Assistant for Zuken’s CR-8000 Design Gateway makes it easy to see the test access as the design evolves. This allows test engineers to significantly optimize testing before their PCBs are produced.

Simon PayneCEO of XJTAG

CR-8000 Design Gateway guided tour

See how CR-8000 Design Gateway addresses the most challenging design tasks

System Circuit Engineering and Optimization Evaluating signal continuity across a product level schematic Differential Pairs and Skew Groups

System Circuit Engineering and Optimization

Design Gateway provides complete system circuit engineering. Native and interactive integration with a wide range of signal integrity (SI), analog, digital, and multi-technology verification tools is provided. Through this it also supports the co-simulation of analog and digital functional blocks and programmable devices.

Evaluating signal continuity across a product level schematic

Using Zuken CR-8000 Design Gateway you can manage signal continuity (interconnects) at the system level rather than just at the design level. Design Gateway is the only tool available for creating and managing a system level schematic, allowing for pragmatic evaluation of board-to-board signal continuity.

Differential Pairs and Skew Groups

Design Force exchanges information with the engineering frontends System Planner and Design Gateway to drive the design process and share changes between the product planning and circuit design disciplines. This allows design teams to create multi-board designs without unnecessary iterations during the design process.

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