Chip Package Board co-design

Chip-Package-Board Co-Design

Comprehensive Design Integration for Complex IC Package Design

CR-8000 Design Force Advanced Packaging

In addition to advanced PCB layout capabilities, Design Force provides chip, package, and board co-design capabilities to enable real-time 3D hierarchical design. The chip design software allows design teams to concurrently create any combination of advanced die stacks, packages, and PCBs.

Multi-board constraint browser to view and analyze system level interconnects.

Automatic ball assignment with the ability to optimize complex routing solutions

Single environment for high-speed design with constraint management and SI and PI analysis

Powerful routing engines for rapid feasibility studies or detailed RDL and bump escape routing of signals and power and ground nets

Chip-Package-Board Co-Design

Comprehensive system co-design recognizes the interaction between chip, package, and board data to reduce complexity, size and cost of the overall system.

Chip Package Board

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CR-8000 Design Force Features

Design Force chip, package and board co-design provides a technology-rich and device-rich design environment for implementing traditional and advanced node design structures like die + package + PCB, SiP, PiP, and interposer + TSV.

Design Force Chip-Package-Board Co-Design provides a single environment solution for maximum system optimization.

Design Force supports integrations to best-in-class tools from partners such as ANSYS, AWR, Agilent and Synopsys for RF, Full Wave FD/TD, power integrity, and thermal extraction and analysis. This allows designers to address key issues early in the design process.

Optional Additions

The following can be added to extend the functionality of Design Force

Post layout extraction of single and coupled (crosstalk) routed traces; What-if analysis; Cross-section view for traces.

A simulation environment for post layout signal integrity simulation.

A powerful PCB-FPGA co-design environment that enables exchange of I/O and constraint information between PCB designs and FPGA designs.

A simulation environment for Power Integrity (AC impedance and de-coupling impact, DC voltage drop, current analysis) and electro-magnetic interference (EMI full board screening, differential mode, common mode, power bus noise).

Fast and easy check of the current density of a layout structure towards a given maximum.

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