pcb footprint editor for schematic symbols

PCB Component Creation and Management

The use of common library data throughout the entire design cycle is an essential element of any design flow

PCB Component Editor for CR-8000

Component Editor ensures that data such as logical properties, schematic symbols, pin allocations, gate information, and PCB footprints are quickly and easily created and registered.

Eliminate errors through the use of common data throughout the design process

A library searcher enables you to find information that meets the specified condition(s)

Parametric wizards reduce time to create complex shapes for both logical and physical information

Configurable and scalable, providing support for company specific requirements

Optimizing PCB Design with Centralized Library Management

Each design process potentially requires information of a different nature. The PCB Component Editor for CR-8000 can register various kinds of component information within the libraries and then manage the information consistently, even among the different design subsystems.

Wizards speed the creation of footprints for everything from BGAs to D-type connectors. Wizards for parametric creation of padstacks are also available. Component Editor’s support for a centrally managed common library ensures that library consistency is maintained across multiple locations. Functionality includes comparison, copying, and deletion of duplicate component information.


pcb Component Editor

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