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A comprehensive electrical and fluid planning software environment for advanced requirements

E3.series - Electrical Wiring, Control Systems and Fluid Engineering

E3.series is a true concurrent electrical engineering environment supporting advanced requirements for electrical documentation, cabinet and wire harness design and manufacturing outputs. E3.series facilitates an efficient and accurate design and manufacturing process for electrical and fluid planning, cable planning, wire harness and cabinet layout. Its object-oriented architecture provides an integrated and consistent design approach to help eliminate errors, improve quality and reduce design time.

E3.series - Electrical Wiring, Control Systems and Fluid Engineering

What E3.series can do for you


Consistency of all design phases through object orientation


Powerful automated operations and electrical checks


Comprehensive outputs for manufacturing and documentation

Native format library and design data management

Circuit diagrams, connection lists, layout plans and reports always up-to-date and synchronised

An object-oriented system architecture provides the basis for the continuous synchronisation of all engineering phases and views. E3.series projects include all views of a project: circuit diagrams, fluid diagrams, cable diagrams, control cabinet layout plans or true-to-scale nailboard drawings. All views are dynamically linked; changes can be made in any view and are automatically reflected in all other views.

E3.series enables easy to manage multi-user views and access to schematics and documentation
All views are dynamically linked; changes can be made in any view and are automatically reflected in all other views.

End-to-end electrical design software for machine and plant engineering

The modular architecture of E3.series enables a consistent solution for all requirements of electrical engineering in machinery and equipment manufacturing: from topology plans and circuit diagrams to cable and terminal diagrams and control cabinet layout in 2D and 3D. Thanks to the software’s object-oriented architecture, all views are constantly synchronized. Changes in any of the views are updated in real-time across all related documents.

Powerful tools for cable harness development in vehicle construction

For the specific requirements of cable harness development in vehicle construction, E.series offers special applications for the creation of hierarchical circuit diagrams and cable plans as well as complete production documentation on a scale of 1:1. All related documents such as parts list, list of wire sections, cover sheet (table of contents), and documentation are permanently linked so that all documents are up to date at all times

E3.series Features & Solutions

More than a CAD Tool

E3.schematic offers a powerful solution for the planning and documentation of electrical control systems including circuit diagrams, terminal diagrams and PLCs. E3.schematic manages all project data, including associated documents such as parts lists, connection lists, assembly instructions and data sheets. An object-oriented data structure ensures that the manufacturing instructions always correspond to the planning data.

With the extension E3.eCheck, users can check their electrical circuit diagram and examine it for fuse and cable dimensioning errors.

E3.schematic  E3.eCheck

E3.fluid is the solution for designing and documenting all fluid systems. It is a complete, easy-to-use solution with core functionality optimized for the development of hydraulic, pneumatic, cooling and lubrication systems.

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E3.cable is used for the design and documentation of cable plans and cable harness drawings. E3.cable can be used as an extension of E3.schematic to combine individual wires into cables or cable bundles, add shielding and twisted pair structures to the cables and automatically display them in the schematic. Complete systems and subsystems such as control units, rack equipment or even black boxes can be integrated as functional blocks in a hierarchical design.


E3.panel enables engineers to layout components within control cabinets in both 2D and 3D. The signal logic is inherited from the E3.schematic circuit diagram. Wires can be routed automatically through in the control cabinet by means of an autorouting function. With special links to the wire processing machines, wires can be automatically stripped, crimped and marked. With these features, E3.panel provides an integrated engineering solution for advanced control cabinet engineering.


E3.formboard provides a complete solution for the creation of wiring harness production drawings. Production drawings can be created on any sheet format and automatic functions facilitate the placement, arrangement and dimensioning of cable harnesses and segments. Wire lengths are determined automatically and an algorithm calculates the diameter widths of the wire harness segments. E3.formboard is fully integrated into E3.cable, i.e. logical connection data defined in E3.cable is used directly in E3.formboard and any changes made in either module are automatically applied.


E3.Revision Management ensures all changes are tracked and documented. Alternate revisions of the design are compared against each other and any changes are reported and stored in both graphical and textual formats. Multiple sub-systems within a single project can be issued and tracked independently.

E3.Revision Management

E3.series circuit diagram and connection information can be exchanged with all major MCAD systems using the E3.3DRoutingBridge. With E3.RoutingBridge, electrical component information such as connectors, pins and splices is transferred to the mechanical design department, where it can be laid out in 3D and checked for bending radius violations and collisions. The cable harness and segment lengths determined are then returned to E3.series for the generation of the manufacturing documentation. The cooperation between E3.series and the MCAD tool of your choice enables the simultaneous development of mechanical and electrical engineering. Mechanical and electrical engineers can work independently or together as required.


The Zuken Component Cloud for E3.series provides online access to free, validated, high-quality electrical component data to users of Zuken’s E3.series electrical design tools.

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DS-E3 enables Zuken’s E3.series to manage electrical engineering project data in its native format. DS-E3 is tightly integrated with the the E3.series user interface and delivers up-to-date, validated libraries, project data and parts list information to design and manufacturing professionals.


All data created in E3.series can be exported to any user defined report format. Reports can be configured using the E3.series API or defined using E3.reports or an alternative report generator.

An E3.series data model contains all required information for the mechanical processing of control cabinets and wire harnesses. This includes data outputs for

  • Cable preparation machinery
  • NC drilling and milling machines
  • Cutting of cable ducts and holding rails

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With a range of ready-to-use add-on modules such as E3.AssemblingCockpit, E3.WiringCockpit and E3.Wiring-Checks, data generated in E3.series can be used to provide assistance with the assembly and wiring of machinery and industrial facilities.

E3.AssemblingCockpit E3.WiringCockpit


With E3.WiringDiagramGenerator circuit and wiring diagrams can be generated from connection lists. Imported diagram can be edited with E3.cable. Functions include deleting and automatically re-routing connections, as well as system and subsystem modifications. All changes can be displayed and highlighted optionally. E3.WiringDiagramGenerator can also be used to migrate and create standardised diagrams from legacy systems.


In the development of electrical and electronic systems, sketches are often drawn at the beginning of a project in order to define the functionality and the communication channels between the individual modules – this is typically referred to as functional design. E3.FunctionalDesign supports the development of initial functional sketches, which can be used as the basis for detailed wiring and fluid plans


Topology sheets created at any scale can be added to the overall E3.series project. The sheets can represent the chassis of a vehicle or the floor plan of a production line. Installation spaces such as a dashboard or control panels can be added to the sheets. The connections between these installation spaces are subsequently represented as cable harnesses or as cable ducts. Alternative views of logical units of the same project can be easily inserted into the corresponding areas.


With E3.HarnessAnalyzer, E3.series provides a powerful tool for viewing and analysing wire harness drawings in the automotive industry standard KBL and VEC formats. A major benefit of E3.HarnessAnalyzer is the possibility to manage module-based configurations for customer-specific wire harnesses (KSK).


E3.WiringSystemLab enables the knowledge-based determination of weight and cost enabled by models developed by Zuken using AI-methodologies. Different variants and configurations can be represented within one single project. A powerful analysis and compare functionality helps engineers determine the most suitable solution in a minimum of time.


Connection information can be automatically transformed into schematic representations for service applications using the E3.ConnectivityBrowser. As the digital connectivity model is used directly, the representation can be generated according to the individual needs of different users and use cases, allowing complex contexts to be visualised “on-the-fly” in an easily understandable and manner.

E3.Connectivity Browser

E3.Saber Frameway integrates Synopsys’ Saber simulator with E3.series. This enables design engineers to create right-first-time robust wire harness and fluid designs, helping them address growing project complexity and time/quality constraints through early access to virtual prototyping results. The solution provides direct integration for the multi-domain simulation of cables, wire harnesses, hydraulics and pneumatics with the Synopsys’ Saber® Simulator. In addition to the benefits for the design engineer, the E3.Saber Frameway will also save time for specialist simulation engineers.

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How to create a wiring diagram using functions and signals

Wire and Harness Design Automation Basics - part 1
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How to route a wiring system in 3D and generate a 1:1 formboard

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Just some of our satisfied E3.series customers

  • Case Study
October 24, 2018

Kellenberger develops and produces numerically-controlled precision grinding machines and systems for sectors such as automotive, medical devices and industrial machinery. The Swiss-based manufacturer recently introduced Zuken’s E3.series to automate the generation of schematics for customer-specific machine configurations, cutting the time taken by more than 90%.

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~90% time saving to generate customer-specific schematics by implementing options and variants in E³.series.

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E3.series News

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  • Press Release
August 30, 2022
E3.series Improves the Digital Twin Creation Process for Driving Smart Manufacturing

E3.series 2022 optimizes manufacturing with advanced 3D cabinet and wiring visualization, expands support for prefabricated cables to simplify modular design reuse, simplifies power distribution layout with improved busbar handling, and enables design modularization with intelligent design reuse options with subcircuits.

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  • Press Release
July 12, 2022
Kawasaki Heavy Industries Introduces Zuken’s E3.series and DS-E3 to Aircraft Development for the Japan Ministry of Defense

Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. has introduced the E3.series electrical control and wire harness design system and the DS-E3 product data management system (PDM) from Zuken Inc. for the electrical design of aircraft for the Ministry of Defense of Japan.

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  • Press Release
December 14, 2021
SAP Certifies Zuken Interface for SAP S/4HANA

The integration enables data and metadata generated in Zuken’s systems to be used in company-wide business processes managed in SAP, such as concurrent engineering, module management, configuration management, component management as well as change and release management. 

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  • Press Release
August 03, 2021
E3.series 2021 Release makes Control Cabinet and Wire Harness Engineering Faster, Easier and More Dependable

E3.series 2021 from Zuken delivers enhancements for connector handling, 3D control cabinet design and ECAD/MCAD collaboration.

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  • Blog
February 22, 2022
Are we facing a shortage of qualified staff in control cabinet building?

Companies are to expect an acute shortage of qualified workers in the coming years. We will show levers for optimizing workflows and tools in production so that you can adapt your processes to meet the challenges of the lack of specialists in control cabinet building.

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  • Blog
October 04, 2021
INORCOAT: Making environmentally friendly coating technology affordable

INORCOAT relies on E3.series for the development of environmentally friendly nanotechnology coating systems. The first system was recently put into operation at the Portuguese National Bank for the coating of dies for euro coins.

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  • Blog
September 13, 2021
What’s New in E3.series 2021, Part 2

This two-part post explores the top features of E3.series 2021. The new release’s fundamental goal is to create an ecosystem to foster multi-disciplinary cooperation and enable a digital engineering workflow. I’ll pick up where I left off in Part 1...

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  • Blog
September 01, 2021
What’s New in E3.series 2021, Part 1

E3.series 2021 adds automated processes and tools to improve the overall design efficiency in all areas from harness to systems to cabinet design.

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  • Blog
April 22, 2021
Benefits of Connecting Functional Design to Detailed Design

E3.topology builds an intelligent connection between functional design and detailed design to create a transformative design process. Learn more about the benefits of connecting functional and detailed design in one package.

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  • Blog
March 23, 2021
Engineering Newcomer Challenge 2022

Zuken is sponsoring the Engineering Newcomer Challenge - a design challenge where future engineers can submit their designs to win prizes. We offer all participants who would like to join the competition with an electrical design the possibility to use free student licenses of our ECAD system E3.series.

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