E3.series - electrical design software or electrical CAD software for electrical engineering

Fluid Engineering and Electrical Design Software

A comprehensive electrical and fluid planning software environment for advanced requirements

E3.series - Electrical Wiring, Control Systems and Fluid Engineering

E3.series provides a leading single-platform solution to take electrical and fluid control designs from concept to manufacture. E3.series encompasses functional design, detailed schematics (electrical and fluid), wiring and tubing diagrams, through to control cabinet and wire harness layout in 2D and 3D.

All applications are driven by an intelligent database that enables electrical, and logical checks that ensure correct connections by design. E3.series connects to leading MCAD design platforms to streamline the creation of digital twins. It transforms product development with electrical data management solutions seamlessly connecting to existing PLM and PDM systems. The enterprise-level options simplify collaboration between teams of all sizes working across the globe.

E3 series electrical CAD software or electrical design software for electrical designers



E3.series is used by leading customers in wide range of industries and applications

Machinery - Cabinet & Panel

Automotive - Systems & Wiring

Aerospace - Systems & Wiring

Special Vehicles - Systems & Fluid

Comprehensive Electrical Design Software

Zuken’s E3.series is a leading single-platform electrical CAD software solution to take a design from concept to manufacture. E3.series encompasses all aspects of electrical design:

  • electrical simulation
  • detailed schematic
  • wiring diagram
  • cabinet layout
  • formboard
  • reports, and manufacturing documentation.

Its connected database allows components and symbols to be reused repeatedly while retaining associated parts and signals to ensure correct data is always used.

What E3.series can do for you

Consistency of all design phases through object orientation

Powerful automated operations and electrical checks

Comprehensive outputs for manufacturing and documentation

Native format library and design data management

Electrical Design Automation

Electrical design teams are constantly looking to increase efficiency, reduce costs, improve quality and reduce time to market. Design automation plays a significant role in helping different teams create quality products in the shortest time frame.

E3.series optimizes every aspect of electrical CAD software with automation options to unlock unmatched consistency, quality, accuracy, and speed. The ease of use, object-oriented architecture, unified library, and open API enable design teams to uncover new efficiencies while improving current processes.

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E3 series electrical CAD software or electrical design software for electrical designers

Intelligent manufacturing of wire harnesses. E3 series electrical CAD software or electrical design software for electrical designers



Wire Harness Design and Manufacturing Ecosystem

The increasing complexity and demand for wire harnesses are changing the competitive landscape. The traditional manual, labor-intensive wire harness design and manufacturing processes are largely obsolete. An efficient wire harness design for the manufacturing process needs a solid ecosystem of intelligent systems collaborating to produce the best results in the least time at the lowest price.

The E3.series wire harness ecosystem empowers wire harness engineers to take advantage of innovative automated test, assembly and manufacturing solutions to stay ahead of the competition.

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Cabinet Design and Manufacturing Ecosystem

Electrical panels are the nerve center of complex control systems like switchgear, PLCs, motor control centers, and power distribution systems. Implementing design-for-manufacture principles improves a panel’s form, fit, and function significantly. In addition, the solutions of the Smart Cabinet Building Initiative can be applied to streamline and optimize the entire process from development to service.

E3.series simultaneously represents a panel in both 2D and 3D, eliminating the need to learn complex 3D mechanical tools. The manufacturing data captured in the project powers automated manufacturing, wiring, and assembly solutions from leading industry partners.

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E3 series electrical CAD software or electrical design software for electrical designers



E3 series electrical CAD software or electrical design software for electrical designers

MCAD and Enterprise Collaboration

A digital twin is vital to digital transformation across all industries, with ECAD and MCAD design data at the core of the digital replica. An intelligent connection between various engineering and business systems is essential to take advantage of the next wave of technological advancements.

E3.series provides efficient connections to leading MCAD solutions and business systems. The enterprise multi-user options enable real-time project collaboration to help global teams avoid errors and meet tight deadlines.

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Connected Manufacturing

Industry 4.0 and digital transformation initiatives are increasing the growth of next-generation automated manufacturing solutions. An important part is capturing manufacturing constraints, requirements, and design intent during a development process. An efficient and connected design to the manufacturing process plays an outsized role in the success of most digital transformation projects.

E3.series provides a streamlined design for a manufacturing platform that connects to leading digital assembly and automated manufacturing solutions. Moreover, it seamlessly connects to existing business systems like ERP, PLM, and PDM to optimize manufacturing processes.

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E3 series electrical CAD software or electrical design software for electrical designers




E3 series electrical CAD software or electrical design software for electrical designers

Engineering Data Management and PLM

PLM systems are typically not well equipped to manage electronic component libraries and work-in-process data required in the electrical design process. Zuken’s DS-E3 provides E3.series users with WIP design data management, design collaboration, project management, design re-use, “where-used” traceability, and much more.

DS-E3 is also fully integrated with leading PLM systems for manufacturing hand-off or component information synchronization. Component information can be automatically synchronized with supply chain partners.

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E3.series FAQ

Zuken’s E3.series is a leading single platform electrical CAD software that takes a design from concept to manufacturing. It is a reimagined wire harness, control cabinet, switchgear, and cabling systems design solution.

E3.series encompasses all aspects of electrical design like functional design, detailed schematic, wiring diagram, cabinet layout, formboard, reports, and manufacturing documentation.

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E3.series FAQs. E3 series electrical CAD software or electrical design software for electrical designers

E3.series Features & Solutions

More than a CAD Tool

The core module of the E3.series suite, E3.schematic enables the creation of schematic diagrams for electrical control systems.

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E3.cable is used to design and document cable plans and cable harness drawings. E3.cable is an extension of E3.schematic to combine individual wires into multicores or cable bundles, add shielding and twisted pair structures to the multicores, and automatically display them in the schematic.
Complete systems and subsystems such as control units, rack equipment, or even black boxes can be replicated as functional blocks in a hierarchical design.

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E3.series circuit diagram and connection information can be exchanged with all major MCAD systems using the E3.RoutingBridge. With E3.RoutingBridge, electrical component information such as connectors, pins and splices is transferred to the mechanical design department, where it can be laid out in 3D and checked for bending radius violations and collisions. The wiring harness and segment lengths determined are then returned to E3.series for the generation of the manufacturing documentation. The cooperation between E3.series and the MCAD tool of your choice enables the simultaneous development of mechanical and electrical engineering. Mechanical and electrical engineers can work independently or together as required.

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The E3.ReportGenerator is a tool for creating customized reports from E3.series projects in a few simple steps. These reports can be configured according to various parameters and exported in various formats. ​

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E3.eCheck is an extension to E3.series that enables users to functionally analyze their electrical schematic circuits and check designs for fuse and wire sizing errors. The utility works in real-time and provides instant feedback on the operability of the circuit design.​

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E3.panel enables engineers to layout components within control cabinets in both 2D and 3D. The signal logic is inherited from the E3.schematic circuit diagram. Wires can be routed automatically through in the control cabinet by means of an auto-routing function. With special links to the wire processing machines, wires can be automatically stripped, crimped and marked. With these features, E3.panel provides an integrated engineering solution for advanced control cabinet engineering.

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E3.fluid is the solution for designing and documenting all fluid systems. It is a complete, easy-to-use solution with core functionality optimized for developing hydraulic, pneumatic, cooling, and lubrication systems.

Development of standalone fluid schematics or combined with electrical schematics to provide a mixed fluid and electrical design is available.

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E3.Revision Management ensures all changes are tracked and documented. Alternative revisions of designs are compared and checked against each other, and any changes are reported and stored in both graphical and textual formats.

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Use E3.series for your Project

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