E3.series - Electrical Wiring, Control Systems and Fluid Engineering

E3.series is a true concurrent electrical engineering environment supporting advanced requirements for electrical documentation, cabinet and wire harness design and manufacturing outputs. E3.series facilitates an efficient and accurate design and manufacturing process for electrical and fluid planning, cable planning, and wire harness and cabinet layout. Its object-oriented architecture provides an integrated and consistent design approach to help eliminate errors, improve quality and reduce design time.


What E3.series can do for you


Ensure consistencency of all design phases through object orientation


Boost productivity with powerful automated operations and electrical checks


Generate comprehensive outputs for manufacturing and documentation

Control releases, revisions and configurations with an integrated data management environment

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Electrical Design Software – Scalable from single user to enterprise-wide deployment

E³.series is available in different configurations as a node locked or floating license that can be accessed by mulitple users. In the configuration E³.enterprise, several users can work simultaneously on large projects, with all modifications being visible in real time to all users. E³.enterprise comprises integrated user and access management capabilities.

An object-oriented systems architecture built on a central database for all applications ensures continuous synchronization across all engineering stages. E³.series projects contain all views of an electrical and/or fluid system. With bidirectional interfaces into leading MCAD toolsets, and a large selection of modules for specific applications, E³.series is a complete design and manufacturing solution for wiring, cabinet and harness in an industrial environment.

Electrical design software for wire harness


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E3.series Key Features

More than a CAD tool

Multi-view project files

E3.series projects contain all aspects of your design (schematics, cable plans, control panels, formboards and fluid detail). All dynamically linked; a change in one is automatically reflected in all.

Component-driven design

A feature unique to the electrical design software E3.series is its intelligent component library. Parts pulled from the component database include all symbols required by the engineer. The online bill-of-materials and master references automatically track contact locations, speeding up the design process and improving accuracy.

Real-time design rule checks

Core to E3.series are the built-in design rule checks (DRCs) that include automatic part selection, duplicate device name prevention, short-circuit avoidance and incorrect wire gauge allocation.

2D/3D cabinet and wire harness design

E3.series enables collaborative design for cabinets, wire harnesses and fluid systems. Integrations with all major MCAD vendors enable efficent exchange of geometric and electrical parameters supporting full digital mock-ups.

How to create a wiring diagram using functions and signals

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