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E3.cable - Electrical wiring design and documentation

E3.cable is a powerful electrical wiring design software, used for designing and documenting cable plans and wire harness layouts. Extending the functionality of E3.schematic, it enables individual conductors to be combined together in the design to form cables or harnesses. Shielding and twisted-pair structure can also be added to the cables and automatically shown in the schematic. E3.cable is ideally suited for industries developing power and wire harnesses for the automotive, off-highway and special purpose vehicle, and aerospace industries, or those developing field cabling for plant and machinery.

An integrated design solution for interconnecting devices and designing cables and wire harnesses

Intelligent block functionality enabling the representation of dynamic equipment

Hierarchy functionality for flexible top-down or bottom-up design approach

Multiple views of devices for design and documentation purposes

E3.cable supports block functionality for electrical wiring design: blocks can represent components, rack equipment, black boxes, PCBs, and through hierarchy whole systems and sub-systems. Connector pins are dynamically added to the blocks and signal information is displayed alongside.

Views allow alternate documentation of devices such as single-line diagrams, wiring diagrams, and cable plans. For example, connectors can be represented as single pins in the schematic and then as the complete connector in the cable plan. Changes to any of the views, immediately update all other views, ensuring all documentation is synchronized.

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Wire harness and electrical cabling schematic - designed in Zuken's E3.cable

E3.cable Key Features

E3.cable supports block functionality for electrical wiring design: blocks can represent components, rack equipment, black boxes, PCBs, and whole systems and sub-systems. Connector pins are dynamically added to the blocks, and signal information is displayed alongside.

Views allow alternate representations such as single-line diagrams, wiring diagram and cable plans. Connectors can be represented as single pins in the schematic and then as the complete connector in the cable plan. Changes to any of the views, are immediately updated all related views.

Hierarchical systems and sub-systems can be represented as blocks. Signals and connections can pass between levels and sub-levels. Hierarchy enables top-down and bottom-up design, promotes design reuse and provides project leaders with a system level overview.

Blocks can be integrated with PCB design data. Interface connector and signal information from the PCB system is dynamically added to the blocks in E3.series. Changes to the PCB are re-imported and updated in the block. E3.cable supports most PCB formats and has bi-directional integrations with Zuken’s CR-8000.

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  • Press Release
August 30, 2022
E3.series Improves the Digital Twin Creation Process for Driving Smart Manufacturing

E3.series 2022 optimizes manufacturing with advanced 3D cabinet and wiring visualization, expands support for prefabricated cables to simplify modular design reuse, simplifies power distribution layout with improved busbar handling, and enables design modularization with intelligent design reuse options with subcircuits.

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August 03, 2021
E3.series 2021 Release makes Control Cabinet and Wire Harness Engineering Faster, Easier and More Dependable

E3.series 2021 from Zuken delivers enhancements for connector handling, 3D control cabinet design and ECAD/MCAD collaboration.

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  • Press Release
November 19, 2020
Zuken and Electro Magnetic Applications Collaborate on EMI Reduction

Zuken Inc., and Electro Magnetic Applications, Inc. (EMA) have entered into a partnership to improve the accuracy of cable harness simulation models for complex electrical subsystems in aircraft and vehicles

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  • Case Study
March 13, 2020

Hydro-Québec simplified design process for power distribution network substations by implementing Zuken’s E3.series

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Improves Power Distribution Substation Design Productivity by 100%
  • Case Study
November 22, 2018
Kässbohrer Transport Technik

The Austrian manufacturer of vehicle Transporters, Kässbohrer Transport Technik, achieved a substantial improvement in process reliability in the generation of individualized assembly instructions and schematic documentation by implementing E3.series. Turnaround cycles for special projects were reduced by 60 to 90%.

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achieves 60-90% reduction in electrical documentation turnaround for customer specific vehicle configurations

Satisfied customers

E3.series will allow us to increase the quality and performance of our harness designs for manufacturing. And because E3.series is aimed at specialists in electrical architecture it supports our overall design process, right up to the generation of production orders.

Christophe VergneaultCEO of Techno MAP

In the same way that our vehicles are highly customizable, so is the functionality within E3.series that allows us to realize this.

Graeme ShieldsDesign Manager at Emergency One

E3.series’ ability to generate top-quality, detailed schematics has been exceptionally beneficial for us. Customers have already noticed the improvements in electrical quality.

Graeme ShieldsDesign Manager at Emergency One

The detailed schematic reduces the time we spend answering customer questions as a result of the quality of documentation, which has allowed us to reduce costs associated with customer support. We also anticipate reduced downtime involved in repairs due to the superior quality of the schematics.

Graeme ShieldsDesign Manager at Emergency One

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January 23, 2023
Avoiding the pitfalls of mundane tasks

System design engineers are under constant pressure to reduce time, and costs and operate in a right-first-time environment. The most common tasks that an engineer performs, can sometimes be the most time-consuming, cumbersome, and error-prone processes. Learn how to avoid errors of repetitive tasks in electrical system design by using an intelligent component database.

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December 06, 2022
Zuken and nVent HOFFMAN are collaborating to simplify engineering processes and connect fabrication and workers

Following the successes achieved by the Smart Cabinet Building partnership in Europe, further networking of expertise in control cabinet building is now starting in the United States. The collaboration with nVent HOFFMAN is the first step towards taking the proven concept abroad and establishing a similar initiative.

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February 22, 2022
Are we facing a shortage of qualified staff in control cabinet building?

Companies are to expect an acute shortage of qualified workers in the coming years. We will show levers for optimizing workflows and tools in production so that you can adapt your processes to meet the challenges of the lack of specialists in control cabinet building.

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October 04, 2021
INORCOAT: Making environmentally friendly coating technology affordable

INORCOAT relies on E3.series for the development of environmentally friendly nanotechnology coating systems. The first system was recently put into operation at the Portuguese National Bank for the coating of dies for euro coins.

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September 13, 2021
What’s New in E3.series 2021, Part 2

This two-part post explores the top features of E3.series 2021. The new release’s fundamental goal is to create an ecosystem to foster multi-disciplinary cooperation and enable a digital engineering workflow. I’ll pick up where I left off in Part 1...

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September 01, 2021
What’s New in E3.series 2021, Part 1

E3.series 2021 adds automated processes and tools to improve the overall design efficiency in all areas from harness to systems to cabinet design.

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