Innovative Cable and Wire Harness Design

The multi-view capabilities of the E3.series cable unlock unlimited communication options for designing and documenting cable plans and harness layouts. All the views across the project are up-to-date, and all changes are synchronized. Intelligent blocks create robust hierarchical systems, and advanced connector functionality improves design quality. Options to add and manage shields, twisted pairs, over braids, and other cabling details are purpose-built for documenting complex systems. Quickly create manufacturing, assembly, commissioning, and more time-saving documentation using the same underlying data. Reduce not only the overhead costs but also drastically improve overall project quality.


Starting Design from Excel

Jump-start, the design process, using from/to connectivity data or PCB pinout stored in excel or CSV files. Design teams often receive connectivity data, wiring details, and block configuration internally or from suppliers and OEMs. Manually entering or recreating the data is a common source of errors.

E3.series provides users the flexibility to define and map the column configuration from external data files without increasing the complexity of the import process. The dynamic updates support most PCB formats and bi-directional integration with Zuken’s CR-8000 application.

Starting Design from Mechanical Design

E3.series offers a variety of solutions to improve the collaboration between MCAD and ECAD teams without redefining their respective roles. Intelligently verify and heal the most common 3D harness route segmentation issues without relying on the mechanical team.

The harness flattening functions simplify transitioning from a 3D harness export to a 2D formboard drawing. The connectivity between logical and physical architecture in E3.series improves data reliability with automatic updates across the entire project.

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Starting Design from Mechanical design

Simplify Complexity with Hierarchical Block Design

Complex system designs are greatly simplified using hierarchical design. The E3.series block functionality provides easy-to-use top-down design management and visualization options. Items are easily added to the top layer blocks or act like black boxes with internal connections. The blocks can be saved in the library to simplify design reuse further.

Blocks represent components, rack equipment, PCBs, and other complex sub-systems. Additionally, partial circuits and blocks are easily saved in the library to reuse in multiple projects. The design’s logic, signals, and structure are automatically maintained and applied to the new projects.

Advanced Multi-View Connector Management

Automatically add Sockets or Plugs to a connection with matching mating connectors. Intelligently select connector pin contacts and inserts driven design standards. Easily maintain logical connections and add new wires automatically for inline connections. The optional wire-size-driven selection ensures the right pin terminal is selected for the application. Additionally, dynamically drive the selection of seals, caps, boots, and other accessories.

Wire Harness Assembly Automation

Drive Cable and Wire Harness Manufacturing

E3.series harness design tools transform a predominantly manual layout and detailing process of creating wire harness manufacturing boards into an intelligent automated process. E3.formboard drawings allow designers to develop 1:1 scale manufacturing or scaled documentation drawings with automatic wire bundle and segment diameter calculation to improve harness route planning. Automatic formboard tables display up-to-date connectors and harness assembly information to eliminate data entry errors.

Harness Builder for E3.series supports the custom wire and cable harness market. This E3.series integrated module is purpose-built for harness manufacturers. Harness manufacturers can create accurate quotations/estimates, complete nail board/pegboard documentation, drive testing, digital assembly, and automated wire preparation machines.

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Easily automate MIL-SPEC details

It is easier than ever to maintain the MIL connector representation standard in E3.series. The MIL-Spec extended connector functionality is an add-on to automate the typical MIL standard connector visualization. The intelligent library features are extended to capture the nuances of a MIL connector. Automatic splitting, merging, and visualization of distributed connectors greatly reduce errors and design time.

Drive cable layout using logical connectivity

Easily generate cable layout drawing driven by the logical design. The flexibility to start the design with cable layout or schematic while keeping everything in sync creates a simple design process. Intelligent table and connector views assist with creating views quickly and efficiently. Reduce errors by documenting seals, caps, backshells, and other accessories driven by component selection.

E3.cable Datasheet

Documentation and design of cables and harnesses

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Related Tools & Features

E3.schematic provides electrical engineers with an easy-to-use solution for designing and documenting electrical systems, including schematic and wiring diagrams. The module helps by automating common tasks to reduce design time in areas such as intelligent connections, part sections, and reporting. Its object-oriented architecture provides an integrated and consistent design approach to help eliminate errors, improve quality, and reduce design time.

E3.schematic uses an intelligent component-based parts library and built-in design rule checks to save valuable time and prevent user errors. The module manages all design data, such as a bill of materials, connection lists, assembly instructions, terminal plans, and datasheets. Additional features of E3.schematic include the ability to design a hierarchical system design, handle product design variation, cross-reference, and support industry standards.


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E3.schematic interface

The E3.series suite contains productivity-focused tools for various activities like design, project management, document management, and collaboration. These tools streamline engineering processes, automate repetitive tasks, and simplify collaboration among engineers and other stakeholders. Helping electrical engineers manage their work and increase efficiency.


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Team Puzzle

System design tools are essential to the development process and help create high-quality, optimized, and maintainable systems. With analysis and optimization, engineers can study and examine data to gain insights and make informed decisions. Additional tools are available in the E3.series suite to help engineers design, analyze, and optimize complex electrical systems.

The E3.GenesysConnector and E3.topology tools enable efficient electrical systems topology planning. Creating topology sheets, installation spaces, and connection pathways with automatic segment diameter, weight, and cost calculation. E3.WiringSystemLab is a tool designed to optimize wire harnesses with speed and accuracy for various applications in the automotive and transportation industry. It utilizes AI methodologies to determine weight and cost and offers powerful analysis, and compares functionality to help engineers select the best solution.


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Digital Engineering - Topology with Drone IBD

The E3.series tool suite offers several tools to run verification and simulations on the project designs, including E3.eCheck and E3.WiringChecks. These tools help to analyze electrical schematic circuits functionally, check for wire sizing errors, and test fully wired machines or control cabinets. E3.SaberFrameway allows design engineers to create right-first-time robust wire harness designs, with direct integration for the multi-domain simulation of cables, wire harnesses, hydraulics, and pneumatics. The simulation and verification tools allow engineers and designers to virtually test and validate designs before building physical prototypes, reducing the number of physical prototypes needed and ultimately accelerating the time to market.

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Blue Marker

E3.series offers a range of solutions to enhance the collaboration between mechanical and electrical teams. E3.3DRoutingBridge enables interfacing between all major MCAD systems and the electrical connection information from E3.series. E3.3DTransformer improves the MCAD collaboration process by supporting various file formats to transform 3D MCAD data into a comprehensive E/E topology model. The E3.HarnessFlattening tool enables designers to create a manufacturing layout automatically and eliminates the need for manual recreation of harness structure, thus simplifying the overall MCAD to ECAD process.


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E3.series offers a suite of redlining, analysis, and viewer tools, including E3.viewerPlus, which integrates directly with dedicated software systems for managing exploded assembly drawings, wiring diagrams, and stock information. Redlining software allows teams to review, mark up, and comment on project documents and designs, streamlining the review process and ensuring all stakeholders are on the same page. E3.ConnectivityBrowser is a plugin that allows for standardized visualization of the defined connectivity across schematics and views—finally, E3.HarnessAnalyzer is a tool that allows for efficient viewing, analyzing, validating, and commenting on harness design models and related drawings, enabling OEMs to optimize their process chain and collaborate with their suppliers.

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Managing electrical projects and libraries can be challenging due to the vast amount of data involved. The solution is to integrate with software tools that can help manage, control, and store electrical project and library data. DS-E3 is designed specifically for electrical design and manufacturing engineers. It provides validated libraries, design data, and BOM information, supports intelligent design configuration and reuse, and generates a 100% BOM and documentation from a 150% BOM. Cloud Collaborator for E3.series is a cost-effective solution to manage, control, and securely store E3.series projects for customers working with projects at a single-user level. The Zuken Component Cloud for E3.series provides online access to free, validated, high-quality electrical component data to users of E3.series. Having access to on-demand components saves time with jump-starting electrical designs.

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