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Boost Your Efficiency by Simplifying Engineering Processes​

E3.series productivity-focused tools are designed to help engineers manage their work and increase their efficiency. Our tools help organizations manage their engineering projects better, ensuring project timelines are met while reducing costs. With the complexity of engineering projects increasing and the growing demand for better-quality and more economical engineering processes, productivity tools are significantly more important in today’s engineering industry.

Simplify the engineering process

Concurrent Design of Power Generation and Distribution Schematics and Panels

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Collaborate on Projects as a Team​

For smaller projects, E3.series comes in a standalone single-user mode. When the scale increases, E3.enterprise offers a multi-user access to the same projects. Multiple engineers are all working simultaneously on the same design. All other users immediately see changes made by individuals while maintaining integrity rules, such as unique device naming. E3.enterprise also comes with access control and lifecycle options.​

  •  E3.series is used by electricalfluid, and system engineers and is used for multiple types of design, including schematic, wiring diagram, harness, panel, systems, and topology. Often these disciplines and designs share data and even devices.
  • E3.enterprise allows multi-disciplined teams of engineers and designers to share the same project and data; any changes carried out by the separate teams will propagate through to the other sections of the design, ensuring all data is synchronized and up to date.
  • For example, A fluid engineer might add a solenoid valve to their manifold drawing; this same valve would then appear, unplaced, in the device tree of the electrical engineer’s project. So that the electrical engineer can add the solenoid to the electrical control schematic. Renaming the device tag or changing the component in either design will automatically update the other.
  • Multiple simultaneous users
  • Large projects are broken down into sub-systems
  • Multi-discipline engineering
  • Electrical and fluid engineers working at the same time in the same project
  • Concurrent assembly and schematic design
  • Concurrent systems and electrical design

Controlling who has access at each stage of the design is crucial for the documentation process. Access control and workflow come as standard with E3.enterprise. Using Windows™ user groups, teams of engineers can be given specific access rights, and projects can be pushed through the workflow and set to specific states. The access rights of the user groups are determined by the state of the project.

  • Grant or deny permission to users and groups
  • Limit access to restricted areas
  • Lifecycle management

Simplify Adding Drawing Notes

Drawing Notes Manager makes managing and automating notes generation in Zuken E3.series simpler than ever. It eliminates the need to manage individual notes, track attributes, and manage free-text notes. Images inside the notes help augment the information and instructions, making them more effective and streamlined.

Centrally managing notes of various types and interactively placing them in the desired location will revolutionize the effectiveness of communicating design intent for production and beyond. Consistent communication of engineering principles and intent is important in maintaining high-velocity operations without sacrificing quality or increasing costs.

An inbuilt editor helps users manage notes internally without relying on third-party applications. Multiple collections of notes can be managed to handle variances in requirements across projects.

  • Click a button to place notes at desired locations
  • Automatically manage note sequence and BOM numbers around objects
  • Manage instructions and provide essential notes on multiple levels like project, structure, or drawing sheet
  • Create and manage hyperlinks for quick navigation
  • Ability to assign flag notes quickly to devices and symbols to improve traceability

Drawing Notes Manager makes it easy for users to centrally manage and categorize all notes based on standard or flag notes.

  • Re-use and share notes across design teams/projects to improve and maintain consistency.
  • Augment notes with images and visual instructions to improve drawing comprehension.
  • Different note indicator shapes can be used to assist identification based on company standards.
  • Note placement and control are configurable to ensure company standards can be easily followed.
  • Apply notes to components and devices as a standard library management procedure.

Import notes from an external application or creates from scratch to create a standard repository.

  • Notes can be automatically numbered across multiple drawings
  • Re-sequence the numbers as required without the risk of duplication with a click of a button
  • Bulk editing and updates of notes to avoid managing individual drawing notes

Easy Generation of Customized Reports

The E3.ReportGenerator is a free tool for creating customized reports from E3.series projects in a few simple steps. These reports can be configured according to various parameters and exported in various formats. The tool requires no license and can be launched directly from within E3.series.

Report Generator

The E3.ReportGenerator Designer can be used to customize existing report templates or to create your own customer-specific templates. The Designer provides a graphical overview of the selected report structure where it can be customized and edited. Images and bands for operating materials, connections, etc. can be inserted. Subsections can be added to the bands, for example, to display pins or wires.

All attributes of an E3.series object can be used in the report via the built-in field list. With a simple drag & drop into the corresponding band, they will be displayed in the report. The sections of the report can be grouped and sorted for a better overview.

Once the desired report layout has been achieved in the Designer, the report can be generated and exported via the Creator. A particular advantage is that the report can also be generated for certain structure nodes only. In the preview screen, multiple selections are possible, whereby different reports can be generated simultaneously.

  • PDF
  • HTML
  • RTF
  • DOCX
  • XLSX
  • TXT
  • CSV
  • Image
  • E3 sheet

E3.series Toolbox

Automate Manufacturing Documentation

Zuken’s E3.series is an essential tool for electrical designers to create quality products in the shortest time frame possible. Every aspect of the design is presented with automation capabilities to ensure quality, accuracy, and speed are unmatched across the design tool spectrum.

E3.Toolbox empowers designers to maximize production value by helping create precise documentation without spending time with customization for different use cases. E3.Toolbox runs inside E3.series, providing a suite of tools catering to all industries and design principles.

Features and Benefits Bill of Materials Toolbox Wire Run List (WRL) Splices ExcelPaste

Features and Benefits

  • BOM on sheet and Excel
  • Automatic balloons and item numbers
  • Includes related parts search and reporting
  • Customizable options and attributes
  • BOM table in a top-down or bottom-up format
  • No programming required
  • Automatic and effective splice documentation
  • 3 types of splice tables
  • Barcode for ultrasonic automated splicing
  • Wire Run List based on harness or project
  • Streamlined production using on-page or Excel reporting
  • Option to include panel wires
  • Customizable attributes and placement of information
  • Complete wire information including length, strip and insertion guidelines
  • Paste data directly from MS Excel into E3.series drawings

Bill of Materials Toolbox

The E3.toolbox Bill of Materials provides versatility by opening up B.O.M. to easy and fast customization. The B.O.M. creation options are greatly enhanced with options for a single drawing page, an entire project, a selection of items or an assembly. The two standard output options for drawing sheet or in Microsoft Excel are simple and effective. The on-page B.O.M. is created using a customizable header and row symbols where text types can be added to display desired attributes. The Excel output can be customized to include all major attributes with a drop-down list from your library.
Power line workers

Customization and standardization are achieved without any custom programming requirements reducing overhead and turnaround times. Alternate part numbers for devices, connectors, and assembly parts improve decision making during the purchasing and assembly phases. The productivity factor is further boosted with the options for combining or separating assemblies and assembly parts.

The B.O.M. can be created top-down or bottom-up with various options to control the output type required. For example, users can choose whether to count up pins on connectors that are unused. Item No. balloons are created automatically to assist with compatibility with different drawing styles and standards.

Item No. balloons are created automatically to assist with compatibility with different drawing styles and standards. The on-page BOM is created using customizable header and row symbols where text types can be added to display desired attributes. The Excel output can be customized to include all major attributes with a drop down list from your library.

Wire Run List (WRL)

The E3.toolbox WRL tool enables clear communication of the engineering directives for the manufacturing and assembly teams. The wire run list (WRL) consists of detailed information for wires in a harness, project, sheet or sub-assembly. The result is a comprehensive manufacturing aid with options for Including or excluding panel wires, unconnected wires, additional wire lengths and much more
Power line workers

The wire run list is presented in the form of a Microsoft Excel file and/or a table on the drawing with the click of a button. The attributes and information are controlled without any additional programming requirements resulting in increased efficiency. The graphical representation is standardized with the E3.series library management tools to provide consistency across projects and teams.

The crucial details required for wiring and assembly like wire seals, cavity parts, twist and shield information are tracked automatically. The reporting options are fully customizable to ensure standardization is achieved across projects and teams.


Splices are simple, yet uniquely complicated parts of any harness assembly. Documenting a splice incorrectly or inadvertently can very quickly snowball into an expensive mistake. The E3.toolbox splice tool provides improved documentation options to improve the quality and manufacturability of wire harnesses. The complete and accurate description of design intent is the primary goal of every design team. The three widely used industry standards of documenting a splice are included E3.toolbox Splices to help achieve standardization across projects.
Power line workers

The documentation options include

General (standard table)

  • A simple and effective table with basic connectivity information.
  • Customizable list of wire and connectivity details

Wire direction table (identifies the direction of wires)

  • A detailed table with directional data in addition to the connectivity information
  • Customizable list of wire and connectivity details

Spider splice (displays each wire with fanout)

  • A graphical representation of incoming and outgoing connections.
  • Includes details such as number of connection and their target destinations
  • Customizable list of wire and connectivity details


Microsoft® Excel™ is an extremely popular application across the engineering spectrum. It is commonplace for the excel spreadsheets to be used for calculations, data management and even storing electrical connectivity details.
Power line workers

ExcelPaste is the latest addition to the E3.toolbox suite. The engineering team can continue using Excel and boosting productivity with the ability to directly paste information into an E3.series drawing page.

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Use default Excel settings
  • Change the scale, font, color and other formatting options to match with internal drawing standards.

Track Changes of E3.series Projects

E3.RevisionManagement ensures all changes are tracked and documented. Alternate design revisions are compared against each other, and any changes are reported and stored in both graphical and textual formats. Multiple sub-systems within a single project can be issued and tracked independently. The resulting documentation can be fed back into the production process, ensuring all changes are implemented.

E3.panel example

With E3.RevisionManagement all changes are reported and stored in both graphical and textual formats. 

  • Track graphical changes to schematics
  • Track none graphical changes
  • Automatic title block updates
  • Automatic change legends
  • Automatic PDF creation of revised project and changes
  • Automatic creation of change documentation

Alternate revisions of the design are compared against each other. With E3.RevisionManagement various compare opportunities are available. 

  • Compare changes between versions
  • Compare whole projects
  • Compare sub-sections of the project
  • Compare any versions

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