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Manage Electrical Data and Workflow

Electrical projects and libraries are becoming increasingly complex and challenging to manage. With a vast amount of data involved in these projects, it can be overwhelming to keep track of everything without a reliable system in place. Check out the software solutions that integrate with E3.series to help manage, control, and store electrical project and library data. These software tools can streamline workflows, improve collaboration, and reduce errors, allowing professionals to focus on what they do best – designing and implementing electrical designs.

Manage Electrical Data and Workflow

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Enterprise Data and Configuration Management

DS-E3 is designed specifically for electrical design and manufacturing engineers, providing them with current, validated libraries, design data, and BOM information to:

  • Manage tasks and workflows for change and approval processes
  • Support intelligent design configuration and reuse through module and variant management
  • Generate a 100% BOM and documentation from a 150% BOM

DS-E3’s powerful design data management functionality directly integrates into the familiar user interface of Zuken’s E3.series suite. Teams can configure the environment individually to reflect the specific requirements of different roles, such as schematic designer, panel layout designer, librarian, or manufacturing engineer.

Built on industry-standard object-oriented architecture, DS-E3 is fully equipped to integrate into existing PDM/ PLM and ERP environments, providing an accurate electromechanical data model with complete visibility of electrical designs down to the component level.

Product Features

DS-E3 is Zuken’s next-generation data management system for electrical design data. It provides electrical design and manufacturing engineers with current, validated libraries, design data, and BOM information. This information allows them to manage tasks and workflows for change and approval processes. As well as support intelligent design configuration and reuse through module and variant management.

The DS-E3 Design Data Master manages E3.series project data, including options and variants and related postprocessing data, in a controlled environment with comprehensive access control, revision management, and analysis functionality.

With its sophisticated configuration management and tracking capabilities, Design Data Master helps grow a pool of validated functional building blocks from which an engineer can draw for new projects.

Library Data Master is the DS-E3 module that manages library information and specifications required for the electrical design process, from schematic, fluid, and cable design to manufacturing documentation.

The DS-E3 BoM Data Master generates and maintains accurate component lists that consolidate all associated schematic, wiring, and panel layout/wire harness data, component information, documents, and assembly drawings within a single environment.

The DS-E3 Component Master consolidates material master data like cost, availability, alternative components, and related information, such as datasheets and specifications, typically managed outside the engineering domain in enterprise IT environments. By consolidating this information, DS-E3 enables a significant increase in engineering productivity.

DS-E3 can integrate with all major PLM and ERP systems and provides SOA-based plug & play connectors; generic integration APIs are also available for other third-party systems.

Cloud Storage and Management for Project Data

Cloud Collaborator for E3.series is a simple, cost-effective solution to manage, control, and securely store E3.series projects. Utilize cloud storage providers to manage E3.series projects without the overhead cost of in-house IT infrastructure. Cloud Collaborator works in single-user mode with all E3.series design modules like E3.cable, E3.panel, E3.formboard, etc. Build teams, control access, and version control your E3.series designs.

Product Features

Cloud Collaborator for E3.series provides the customer with a choice of cloud service provider platforms.

  • Amazon Web Services S3 (Simple Storage Service) account
  • Microsoft Azure Cloud

Cloud Collaborator for E3.series is compatible with E3.series 2019 and later versions (32-bit and 64-bit).

The Cloud Collaborator for E3.series desktop application provides robust project management for the entire team while reducing the administrative overheads typically associated with vaulting and access control solutions. Quickly add users, create groups, define user access privileges, set passwords, and define theme color and version increment type for your E3.series projects.

Enjoy powerful data management with the convenience and security of cloud storage. Design check-in and check-out are done directly from E3.series. Cloud Collaborator for E3.series provides change history and can compare versions, so you know what changed graphically. When the project is complete, a release process is available to close the project for manufacturing.

Every design project has multiple stakeholders. Cloud Collaborator for E3.series provides redlining, project status, and team messaging for better communication. Project changes can trigger a message or an email to stakeholders. Generate PDFs for redlining and sharing across the team. Cloud Collaborator for E3.series can help eliminate errors and boost productivity.

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E3.series Component Cloud

Free Access to Validated Component Data

The Zuken Component Cloud for E3.series provides online access to free, validated, high-quality electrical component data to users of Zuken’s E3.series electrical design tools.

The Zuken Component Cloud for E3.series is provided through cooperation with CADENAS, a leading provider of online component libraries. Libraries are provided directly by the manufacturers of the respective electronic components. Each library entry is classified into one of three qualification levels.

Go to the Component Cloud for E3.series
High-Quality Electrical Component Data Certification Levels Optional Component Cloud Plugin

High-Quality Electrical Component Data

Digital parts catalogs are available directly in Zuken’s CAE software, and with just a few clicks, insert the required parts. The library data contain all critical information like attachment points, symbols, alternative views, technical parameters, classifications, part numbers, etc.

In addition to material master data, the library data provides all necessary electrical information required to create the circuit diagram, switch cabinet layout, wiring, and cable harness.

Certification Levels

Parts are provided in 3 certification levels labeled with a seal

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Geometric component data

  • Material master data
  • Preview picture
  • Optional: 3D shape (STEP)


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  • Geometrical Component data plus electrical characteristics
  • Component type (e.g., plug, cable, standard component, terminal)
  • Schematic symbols for electrified components. Mechanical components, such as end plates, are excluded
  • 3D representation with connection points
  • Master-slave relationships
  • Connection points with names, symbol, and component assignments
  • Cross-section definitions at the connection points
  • Positioning information for the control cabinet


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Comprehensive Classification

  • All eCl@ss component attributes
  • Mating connectors for plugged connection points
  • Connection type, connection direction, and the number of permitted wires at the connection point.
  • Slots for additional parts and information on restricted areas

Optional Component Cloud Plugin


Zuken provides an optional free plugin application for E3.series customers that allows users to access the Zuken Component Cloud directly from the E3.series user interface. Components loaded from the cloud will be automatically transferred to the component database without manual intervention.

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How the E3.series Component Cloud works

This movie illustrates how to add missing parts to your E3.series database from the Component Cloud, using the E3.series plugin


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