Data Management and PLM

With the growing complexity of modern products, machinery and equipment, it’s imperative that all engineering disciplines communicate and coordinate activities along the engineering process.

DS-2: Data management for PCB and electrical/fluid engineering

The traditional practice of mechanical, electrical and electronic engineers working in silos – then consolidating efforts late in the development process – is no longer viable for successful companies. Zuken offers a portfolio of scalable domain data management solutions for PCB and electrical/fluid design plus a range of solutions that integrate design and domain data management into the PLM and ERP world.

Zuken’s DS-2 is a mature, cross-disciplinary engineering data management platform developed in partnership with more than 3,000 leading companies worldwide. DS-2 has evolved from an electronics data management product into a technology platform capable of managing electronics design data from CR-8000 (using DS-CR) and electrical data from E3.series (using DS-E3) embedded into their respective ECAD environments.


DS-2 library and data management engine

With DS-2, Zuken provides a domain-specific data and process management solution for electrical and electronic engineering. It manages and consolidates CAD component libraries, material information, schematic and designs data in a controlled release and revision process. DS-2 is open for integration with all major PLM and ERP systems via SOA-based plug & play connectors to enable a true electro-mechanical data model.

Library and materials data management

Design data management

Configuration management

Change management

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DS-2 Platform Features

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DS-2 provides a single-source environment for all component information within the engineering process.

Track component versions through the component lifecycle enabling component updates throughout the product lifecycle, with full tracking and transparency.

Manage design data, related documents, simulation data, enclosures, parts lists & CAM data.

A built-in change management process provides a detailed documentation of each design or document change, such as modifications to the specification, customer change, and obsolescence.

By unifying all engineering data into one environment and controlling synchronization to local or international development teams, DS-2 provides a single source of truth in a global environment.

Just some of our satisfied DS-2 customers

Zuken and Aras see a future where the electronic and mechanical design processes are coordinated more effectively to enable true systems engineering. We believe that by working together we can provide a more holistic approach to support the business of engineering.

Peter SchroerCEO of Aras

This distribution of engineers’ time needs to improve for companies to continue to be successful; for optimized development processes leading to increased productivity. In every design project a huge amount of data is generated and, with growing product complexity, this will only increase. So design engineers need access to solutions that allow them to manage large volumes of data and retrieve up-to-date information when it is needed.

Verena BunkSenior Analyst at techconsult.

Zuken’s DS-2 data management software offered everything we needed. As the Surface™ portfolio of products grew, data management for electrical design became an increasingly critical element of our process, and we were excited about the opportunity DS-2 provides to better integrate supply chain optimization directly into design decisions right at the engineer’s desktop.

Erik von FuchsDirector of Engineering, Surface Products at Microsoft Corporation

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