AI for PCB Design

AI PCB Design


Redefining PCB Design with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an evolving and promising tool in the field of PCB design. Additionally, whether you’re a design veteran or a newcomer, AI offers a host of benefits that can make your life easier. However, it’s not without its challenges. As technology progresses, the only question is: Are you ready for the AI-driven future of PCB design?


AI for PCB Design

Zuken Announces AI PCB Design

The Autonomous Intelligent Place and Route (AIPR) is a product line addition to the CR-8000 design platform.  Zuken has chosen a unique three-stage approach to deploying AI-based products.  Based on machine learning technologies, users can benefit from Zuken’s extensive design library or from their own design experience and best practices.

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AI for complex product designs

Why AI-Based PCB Design?

As product complexity grows, design engineers are tasked with more responsibilities.  Many companies no longer have PCB layout specialists, and that task now falls on the design engineer.  Today’s design engineer needs to utilize years of in-house PCB layout experience through AI which is made possible through machine learning.

Benefits of AI-Based PCB Design

PCB design is a small piece of the overall design process but demands expertise to do it well. Indeed, with AI-based place and route, engineers can benefit from hundreds of successful designs without the required time investment. The AI machine learning process delivers less setup and human-like results with a faster time to completion.


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Basic Brain: Zuken’s Design Library

Zuken’s Basic Brain revolutionizes PCB design at the foundational stage by learning from Zuken’s library of design examples and existing design expertise. Additionally, seamlessly integrated into the robust CR-8000 platform, Basic Brain enhances the user experience by routing the design based on learned approaches and strategies.

Dynamic Brain: Learning From Your Experience

In the second stage, Zuken’s Dynamic Brain learns from your PCB designers, utilizing past design examples and integrating them into AI algorithms and subsequently, combining customers’ best practices with AI insights, resulting in accelerated design iterations and notable enhancements in overall productivity, all within the framework of the CR-8000 platform.

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Autonomous Brain: Specific Experience Learning

The Autonomous Brain, an AI-driven powerhouse, operates in continuous learning mode, pushing the boundaries of creativity. Notably, the Autonomous Brain’s capability to self-improve with each project heralds a new era of AI-driven innovation and is available exclusively within Zuken’s CR-8000 platform.

Working With AI-Based PCB Design

An AI-based process applies a holistic approach to layout. AIPR will require minimal setup effort. Once the board outline and stackup are defined, and the components are placed, the AI-based Smart Autorouter is ready to start. Meanwhile, AI-based Smart Placement is under development and will simplify the process further.

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AI-Based PCB Place and Route is All About Machine Learning

November 8, 2023 - 11:00 am ET

This webinar will explore the current state of AI-based PCB design, its advantages, limitations, and the future. It will examine Zuken’s new Autonomous Intelligent Place and Route (AIPR) and how companies and users will benefit. You don’t want to miss this webinar if you are interested in AI-based design solutions.

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