Analog Simulation and Verification

CR-8000 Saber Integration

CR-8000 Saber Integration

The design of mechatronic systems requires both integrating multiple technologies in a single system, combining software control with mechatronic functions, while constantly verifying design performance at board, subsystem, and system levels.

Enabling concurrent design and verification at the board level, the growing complexity of PCBs for mechatronic systems, merging both analog and digital functional blocks and using programmable devices, requires sophisticated simulation and analysis capabilities to ensure accurate and reliable performance prior to production. In particular this includes co-simulation of components modeled as diverse as in MAST, SPICE, VHDL, Verilog or C-code.

Zuken and Synopsys have integrated CR-8000 and Saber into a common PCB design and verification platform. Synopsys Saber delivers the simulation, modeling and analysis capabilities needed for the concurrent PCB design and verification for mechatronic systems. A full system-level design and verification environment featuring the combined strength of CR-8000 and Saber enables a smooth flow from single-entry design definition, via native simulation and interactive analysis, to back-annotation of results.

Analog Simulation & Verification
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