Signal Integrity, Power Integrity, EMC

CR-8000 includes fully integrated simulation and analysis tools to verify all aspects of your single or multi-board designs

A complete simulation and analysis environment

During circuit design, Design Gateway provides embedded simulation, analysis and electrical rules checking.

During PCB layout, the Design Force embedded signal integrity, power integrity, electromagnetic interference

Electromagnetic compatibility tools provide a single environment for all of your design team’s simulation and analysis requirements

Signal Integrity

  • Constraining and topology planning in pre-layout phase
  • Impedance planning with integrated field solver using lossy interconnect models
  • Fast interactive time domain simulation for precise timing, reflection, and crosstalk analysis
  • Consider IBIS Buffer models
  • Use SPICE and S-parameter based models in time-domain
  • Inspect automatic timing, skew, and SI measurement results
  • Optimize topology by use of parameter sweeps
  • Evaluate crosstalk in coupled topologies and scenarios
  • Explore impact of manufacturing tolerances and material properties on the SI behaviour
  • Utilize comprehensive simulation library model management
  • Time-domain Eye Pattern Analysis for parallel busses and serial links
  • Inspect Setup and Hold timing
  • Define Eye Masks and measure against them
  • Time Domain Reflectometry for interconnect optimization
  • Drive TDR-Analysis with different speed levels
  • Inspect TDR impedances for single line and differential pair interconnects
  • Consider feed-in/out lines
  • Wideband S-Parameter calculation for interconnect optimization up to 15 GHz
  • Inspect Mixed-mode S-Parameters
  • Export S-Parameters to Touchstone files
  • Enforce causality where needed
  • AMI simulation for gigabit SERDES channel optimization
  • Characterize serial links (S-Parameter, Transfer function, Impulse response)
  • Consider various types of Jitter (TX and RX)
  • Easy-to-use parameterization of AMI models
  • Inspect time-domain waveforms
  • Visualize Eye Pattern and Bathtub curves
  • Measure Eye Openings
  • Calculate Bit Error Ratio (BER)

Power Integrity and EMI Analysis

  • Full board, fast und efficient EMI screening tool identifying major EMI sources
  • Evaluate common mode and differential mode emissions
  • Visualize I/O crosstalk regions
  • Consider various antenna mechanisms
  • Wideband PI-Analysis of supply systems up to 15 GHz
  • Detect and visualize high AC-impedance regions in supply systems, exploring root causes of resonances
  • Evaluate Decap efficiency and mounting inductances, visualize Decap impedances
  • Define virtual Decaps for what-if scenarios
  • Optimize decoupling strategies, identifying “fear”-Decaps
  • DC-Analysis of supply systems identifying voltage drops and high current load regions
  • Visualize DC-current and -voltage distribution
  • Identify insufficient supply voltages at IC power pins
  • Identify stressed Vias under high DC-current load
  • Extract DC-resistances between power pins
  • Drive supply system with alternative voltage sources for what-if’s

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