RF Design and Verification

CR-8000 Design Force

For a complete RF verification flow, CR-8000 Design Force interfaces with best-in-class, high-speed RF and electromagnetic analysis solutions. Design Force offers designers an easy-to-use user interface to extract complete or partial designs, along with material and substrate information, and export them for analysis.

Agilent Technologies National Instruments

Agilent Technologies

Logical RF Circuit Verification

Zuken’s CR-8000 interfaces to ADS, Agilent Technologies’ high-frequency design tool, for the realization of high-quality boards containing both baseband and RF circuits. Components are selected from the CR-8000 database to ensure consistency and bidirectional linking between the logical circuit data from Design Gateway and ADS Schematic. Back-annotation of design modifications in ADS Schematic can be implemented in Design Gateway‘s original schematics.

Logical RF Circuit Verification

Physical RF Circuit Verification

The integration between CR-8000 and Agilent Technologies’ ADS starts with synchronizing library components to be used in both environments. Users can create parts in Components Manager, and export the subset of components from the library to the ADS component database.

For board layout analysis, an Intermediate File Format (IFF) is exported using layout data created with Design Force with two output options: one for the ADS circuit simulator and the other for ADS Momentum for electromagnetic analysis.

For circuit simulation, parameters for each transmission line component model are extracted from the line shapes and from layer configuration information and material + information set for the PCB. Users using ADS Momentum for EM analysis may select a range of options to reduce set-up time and complexity, including exporting information such as layer configuration and material settings files from the Design Force.

In addition ports on component, terminal points can be generated automatically, ground vias can be converted into slots, and the arc resolution may be set.

Physical RF Circuit Verification

National Instruments

Physical RF Circuit Verification

CR-8000 Design Force includes an interface to NI AWR Design Environment/Microwave Office.

Within Design Force, users can specify the area in the design they want to analyze or use the NI AWR software interface utility to select the critical signals from a list and generate a 3Di file output. With AWR Connected for Zuken, the 3Di data can be imported into Microwave Office using the 3Di Import Wizard for further electromagnetic (EM) simulation with any one of NI AWR software’s solutions.

  • ACE™ automated circuit extraction
  • AXIEM® 3D planar EM analysis
  • Analyst™ 3D finite element method (FEM) EM analysis.

Users can exchange any post-analysis conductive areas that have been modified using any one of the image export options within Microwave Office

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