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The Partner for Success

Zuken works with leading global companies to optimize their electrical and electronic engineering design processes, and their related manufacturing challenges. We do this through our leading edge software product portfolio and consulting services. Our unique combination of proven industry experience, technological expertise and agility creates best-in-class solutions. Transparent working practices and belief in integrity in all aspects of business has brought us successful and long-lasting customer partnerships.


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Zuken’s customer focus combined with industry-leading customer service and products makes us your partner for success.  With a customer base that includes global companies as well as those that are just getting started, our customer community is second to none.  Zuken has embraced Digital Engineering as the way forward and is backed by some of the best modeling and detailed design tools in the industry.  Become a valued Zuken customer.

Understanding your business

Supplying innovative software is only the beginning for us. We won’t disappear when you receive your new tools – your account manager will carry on guiding your through implementation, helping your achieve results as quickly as possible. Our support experts provide unmatched start-up assistance, as well as support services that free designers from dealing with ancillary tasks.



Global, multi-sector expertise

Our technology strengths are based on our experience working with leading manufacturing companies in multiple sectors around the world. Every customer solution benefits from our global knowledge base. Every development process we help implement is built to work in the global marketplace.

Today’s global environment means design teams and manufacturing facilities are located around the world. These demand integration of design processes on a global scale that have the ability to deliver consistency through centralization, while still offering flexibility for localization.

Join Our Community

We’ve recently given our online community a new look and feel. Since launching the community, we’ve added hundreds of useful articles for users of E3.series, CR-8000/CR-5000, and DS-CR (formerly DS-2). Zuken customers on maintenance get access to premium content, but anyone can participate in the community’s user group discussions. If you have a question or just want to chat with fellow users, join our forum today.
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Multi-disciplinary integration

We offer best-in-class software platforms for electrical and electronic engineering, and data management. All our tools can work as stand-alone, or fully-integrated, engineering design and data management environments.

By managing work-in-progress data and workflow information within a discipline-specific environment, we streamline data and workflow management, providing the missing link that PLM, ERP and other systems need in order to run efficiently.



Open and scalable software architecture

We engineer flexible options because electronic and electrical technologies evolve at such a rapid pace. Companies can find a Zuken solution that fits their size and stage – and update their environment on an ongoing basis to ensure their investment stands the test of time. This is how we offer a premium service giving you the best long-term value.

Our open and scalable software architecture offers strong support for third party integrations. As well as a regular program of software functionality enhancements, Zuken also engages in custom product development to adapt flexibly to customer design environments.

A Global Network

Challenges in global markets accelerate our growth. Our network spans 13 countries in Europe, Asia, and North America. We have established processes that enable us to continuously refine our technologies through initiatives with our global customers so we can always offer them the best, most up-to-date technology. Zuken’s goal is to be a partner that supports the success of, and is trusted by, manufacturing companies the world over.

Our customers value our global network and we proactively create space for them to exchange information. Zuken Innovation World conferences attract technology leaders in locations including Japan, United States, and Germany. The conferences bring together our customers, industry experts and other professionals for networking, learning and sharing of innovative ideas.



Tailored solutions

The conventional method of system integration – selecting, integrating and customizing existing design systems and tools – has limitations, because each customer has a unique environment and faces a different set of challenges. Consequently, the development of new design and information systems that correspond to the customer’s objectives is essential.

With experience and know-how acquired over more than a quarter century, and proprietary software development capabilities, Zuken is ideally positioned to create tailored infrastructures. We have the core competencies to meet the needs of our customers as their requirements grow ever more sophisticated.

For us to support our customers’ strategic product development and give them long-term confidence in our solutions, we must have solid financial foundations ourselves, which has been a core management strategy since Zuken was founded in 1976.

2023 Highlights
  • Net Sales: ¥35,073 million
  • Operating income ratio: 12.6%
  • Shareholders’ equity ratio: 65.4%
  • Current ratio: 283.6%
Facts and Figures
  • Corporate Headquarters: Yokohama, Japan
  • European Headquarters: Munich, Germany
  • North American Headquarters: Westford, MA, USA
  • Primary Business: Electronic Design Automation (EDA)
  • Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime Market:  Providing access to a wide range of investors, boost its credibility, and increased liquidity and fundraising opportunities.
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A History of Innovation

Zukei Shori Gijutsu Kenkyusho Inc. was established inIsogo-ku, Yokohama.

Japan’s first full-scale CAD/CAM system Create 2000, for the design of printed circuit boards, was developed

Zuken America Inc. (now Zuken USA Inc.) was established in California in the United States.

CR-3000 (PWS), a printed circuit board CAE/CAD/CAM network workstation was developed.

Zuken Inc. is registered in the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange as the first EDA corporation.

Zuken Europe GmbH was founded in Bad Homburg, Germany as 100% Zuken subsidiary.

Zuken Singapore Pte. Ltd. established in Singapore.

Opening of Beijing office in China.

EDA vertical integration solution CR-5000 was developed.

Zuken acquired all the shares of Racal-Redac Ltd. of the United Kingdom to become Zuken-Redac and later Zuken.

Moved up to the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Started providing a wire harness design environment for the automotive industry.

Zuken (Shanghai) Technical Center Co., Ltd. was established in China.

Announcement of ePLM DS-2, a PLM solution specially designed for electrical and electronics industries.

Zuken Taiwan Inc. established in Taiwan.

Zuken acquired Germany’s CIM-Team (Now Zuken E3 GmbH).

Zuken acquired a 14% share in Lattice Technology Co., Ltd., becoming the second biggest shareholder.

Worldwide release of CR-8000, a new generation electronic device design platform, and the start of the sales of the new product Design Force completed Zuken’s system-level electronics design environment.

Zuken SOZO Center established in Silicon Valley, California, USA.

Global Automotive and Transportation Competence Center was established in Erlangen, Germany.


Zuken India Pte. Ltd. established in India.

Zuken took over YDC Corporation’s CADVANCE business (CAD and PLM operations)

What's in a name?

Zu-ken is an acronym for: Design Process Technology Research Center

Zukei   –   Shori   –   Gijutsu   –   Kenkyujo

Design   –   Process   –   Technology   –   Research Center

Zuken’s logo incorporates the “Z” in Zuken and the first character of the company’s name in Japanese , and closely resembles a ship’s flag.

Our corporate colours are symbolic

  • Black – down to earth, pragmatic attitude
  • Yellow – intelligence
  • Blue – time and space

Together, these colors represent Zuken’s goal to be “people who are trusted like the earth, and who use our wisdom to provide products that create time and space for people.”

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