Red and black PCB Board - CR-8000 Release 2023

CR-8000 2023 Release


What's New in CR-8000 2023

The CR-8000 2023 Release introduces enhancements to boost design efficiency and analysis, equipping users to address high-density, high-speed PCB design challenges. Firstly, and notably, this release emphasizes revamping and expanding CR-8000’s vast array of signal integrity, power integrity, and EMC analysis tools. Furthermore, these tools now come bundled in the CR-8000 Design Force Analysis Advance.

What's new in CR-8000 2023

Design Gateway

Multiple Design Sheet Loading

With the CR-8000 2023 Release, generating new designs becomes a breeze. You can now merge sheets from numerous designs effortlessly, allowing you to incorporate elements from various designs or use template designs as a base. This feature streamlines the design process, letting your innovative ideas shine.


Advanced Annotation Layers

Enhance your schematic design experience! The 2023 release lets you add extra annotation layers to infuse valuable information, promoting design clarity. Plus, you can toggle the visibility of these layers directly from the menu. Intelligent layer management makes filtering and exclusion straightforward during output generation.

Customized Annotations

Convey your design intent more effectively. The CR-8000 2023 Release offers custom annotation capabilities, allowing for the addition of pin properties like pin length and delay, ensuring a clear design representation. This streamlines the annotation process and facilitates accurate layout transfer to CR-8000 Design Force.



Information Protection

Boost the security of your designs by excluding confidential information before sharing it with external partners. Tailor resource files according to distinct needs, ensuring secure internal and external collaborations.

Circuit and Text Element Reusability

This innovative feature in the 2023 release makes documentation more intuitive by allowing circuits and text elements to be copied, edited, and integrated seamlessly.


Enhanced PDF Outputs

Produce PDFs that are user-friendly and comprehensive. Embedded features such as cross-references, bookmarks, and URLs not only improve document accessibility but also, by doing so, make design navigation and referencing efficient.

Design Force

Mesh Plane Application

Generate mesh planes within templates and apply them to conductor layers seamlessly. These planes adjust automatically, considering pin and track spacing, thus guaranteeing design accuracy.

Area Fill Control

The CR-8000 2023 Release grants designers control over unconnected copper areas. Additionally, choose to connect or disconnect areas as needed.

Net Organization

Efficiently group connections and nets by area, simplifying the tracing process between components. Moreover, by employing this method, designers can enhance their workflow and reduce potential errors.


Utilize Existing Routing Patterns

Incorporate a new interactive contour routing feature that aligns with existing patterns, ensuring design consistency. Furthermore, designers can effortlessly maintain uniformity across multiple design elements by utilizing this feature.

Template Area Reusability

This timesaver allows placement and routing patterns to propagate automatically from a template block to other blocks boosting productivity for designs with multiple channels.


Track Configuration Analysis

In the CR-8000 2023 Release, users can visualize trace paths across multiple layers. This feature enables in-depth track configuration inspection, highlighting potential issues. As a result, designers ensure optimal circuit performance and integrity.

Silk Screen Text Generation

Component symbols are batch-generated using specific clearances and positional relationships. This automation expedites silk screen text creation, conserving designers’ time and effort. Consequently, users achieve greater design efficiency and consistency.


Interactive PCB PDF Outputs

The 2023 release introduces PDFs that enable layer display toggling, fostering effective communication during design reviews. As a result, teams can more efficiently collaborate and pinpoint design modifications.

Design Force Analysis Advance

Product Bundling and Functional Expansion

The CR-8000 2023 Release consolidates SI, PI, and EMI analysis tools into powerful bundles. Boasting enhanced user interaction, MultiCore CPU support, and compatibility with large datasets, these enhancements not only simplify the design process but also boost efficiency. Additionally, AI/ML-assisted modeling and new Power Integrity checks further elevate the design and analysis capabilities.



Signal Integrity Analysis

Dive deep into Signal Integrity with the Design Force SI Advance bundle, covering a gamut of features from Characteristic Impedance to IBIS AMI SerDes channel analysis. Including IBIS, SPICE, and S-Parameter models in both domains not only ensures comprehensive system-level analysis but also further enhances precision and reliability.

PCB-level EMI and Power Analysis

The CR-8000 2023 Release’s Design Force PI/EMI Advance, while honing in on EMI and Power Supply System Analysis, also provides rapid estimations, integrity features, and numerous analysis tools for optimizing your designs. Capabilities not only include:

  • The computation of IC power pin impedances
  • The location and parasitic values of Decaps
  • DC analysis

But also feature:

  • A Lossy Transmission Line model that takes into consideration copper surface roughness
  • Integration of IBIS, SPICE, and S-Parameter models
  • Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) and Eye Pattern analysis
  • A comprehensive HSPICE export and the ability to calculate and export S-Parameter Touchstone data.


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