PCB Creepage Checking According to IPC Standards

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Automatic PCB Creepage Checking when design PCBs to IPC standards
Webinar – PCB Creepage Checking According to IPC

Failing to adhere to Electrical insulation requirements and IPC standards for PCB creepage and clearance could result in sanctions from governing bodies like UL issuing a variation notice, preventing products from being released to market for non-compliance.

With UL self-certification now commonplace in the electronics industry you need a PCB design tool that complements your design process and guarantees product safety. CR-8000 delivers this with comprehensive constraints management and safety standard checking tools which provide robust assurance checking to ensure compliance.

Focusing on IPC-2221, this demonstration will show:

  • How Zuken’s CR-8000 can constrain designs to meet industry safety standards as set out in IPC-2221 – and IPC-9592B, UL-61010-1 or UL-60950-1
  • How to configure your designs by setting up comprehensive class to class rules which stand alongside standard design rule checks
  • How to progress through the design process showing how the set constraints control the space between conductors in your design
  • How to perform sanity design rule checks on PCB creepage and clearance prior to design release.

Design conformity can then be exported to your safety file for future reference as part of ISO9001 standard for document control.

Learn from the expert

Paul Jones
Applications Engineer
Zuken UK Ltd

Paul Joined Zuken in 2019 as an application engineer after having worked in Consumer and Power electronics fields for over 25 Years holding roles from PCB Designer to managing globally dispersed teams.

Now responsible for CR-8000 Pre-sales activities helping existing and new customers to realize their long-term electronic product development strategies.

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