Integrate Zuken's CR-8000 with SiliconExpert

Keep your Corporate Library Data up to date with SiliconExpert

Zuken and SiliconExpert have partnered to deliver critical component information to engineers within the CR-8000 and DS-CR design and database environment. The integration enables engineers to make better component selection decisions, resulting in higher quality products and lower costs in less time.

Silicon Expert

Reduce library maintenance effort

Zuken’s DS-CR data management solution for CR-8000 designs and libraries pulls component information from SiliconExpert to provide the engineer with a complete and up to date view of the component.  DS-CR can then alert the engineer of any critical status changes.



Access component libraries via an embedded interface

Data can be loaded from SiliconExpert into the Zuken part library through a REST API and made available for product updates and changes.

The interface enables a significant reduction of the effort required to transfer updated part information into CR-8000 and helps to ensure the quality of the product under development.

Universal Part Search

Search and validate orderable part numbers using the SiliconExpert validation algorithm, resulting in a list of standard parts.




Search and validate orderable part numbers


Controlled re-design with the help of a live scoreboard

The component library that has been updated using the interface forms the basis for a controlled re-design of existing circuits. With the help of a live scoreboard in DS-CR, parts lists can be efficiently checked and updated.




Keep component data up to date

Find all known form-fit-function (FFF) cross-references and supplier replacements for a Manufacturer Part Number (MPN).





Identification of supplier risks and available replacements for a Manufacturer Part Number (MPN)

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