Racetech saves Harness Design Time with E3.series

Zuken’s Harness Designer Saves 60% Design Time and Opens Up New Business Opportunities

10 November 2015 – Munich, Germany and Westford, MA, USA – Racetech Harnessing Ltd, a designer and manufacturer of high quality electrical and electronic systems for the professional motorsport industry, has adopted Zuken’s E3.series for its harness design. E3.series is Zuken’s powerful electrical CAD tool for electrical wiring, control systems and fluid engineering design.

The company decided to move from a manual to digital design flow to help increase design speed, particularly when working on complex designs. Because they offer harness design for clients ranging from hill climb racing up to major players in Formula 1, Racetech need to be flexible in their approach and able to work with customers of all types.

We work on incredibly complex designs for customers in Formula 1, and E3.series gives us the confidence that we can meet the professional requirements and future challenges of this industry.

John Truman Director of Racetech

Racetech Harnessing has worked with a large number of Formula 1 teams

John Truman, Director of Racetech, said: “We work on incredibly complex designs for customers in Formula 1, and E3.series gives us the confidence that we can meet the professional requirements and future challenges of this industry. E3.series also gives us the design turnaround speeds, quality and ECAD/MCAD integration we need to expand our business into the mainstream automotive, off-road vehicles and rail sectors.”

Truman cited positive references from companies in their industry as a key factor for choosing E3.series. They also needed to get up and running as quickly as possible, so E3.series’ quick learning curve was important – again supported by existing E3.series users.

Racetech Harnessing Ltd offer electrical solutions for any level of motor racing, from single components such as sensors and instrumentation to the design, manufacture or installation of complete engine and chassis harness systems. They also supply specialist LED forward lighting systems for endurance race cars.

Racetech Harnessing worked with High Peak Systems, a leading UK-based reseller and support partner of mechanical and electrical computer aided design software solutions, for its purchase and on-going support of E³.series.

For more information see www.zuken.com/e3-serieswww.racetechharnessing.co.uk or www.highpeaksystems.com

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