Fiat FGA to standardize with Zuken E3.series

fiatFiat FGA to standardize worldwide with Zuken E3.series electrical design solutions

July 28 2009 – Munich, Germany and Westford MA, USA – Fiat has committed to use Zuken’s solution E³.series, to standardize their design of electrical systems. The intent is that E³.series will be used by the entire Fiat Group Automobiles (FGA) including the Alfa Romeo®, Lancia®, Maserati® and Fiat-Professional®, brands. After a long benchmarking period, Zuken is delighted that Fiat has confirmed a long-term collaboration. Fiat will deploy E³.series’ powerful electrical system design and integration software, and also solutions to support harness engineering, simulation and data management tools.

Fiat understands that innovation is placing substantial demands on electrical systems design. In the complex modern automobile design environment, multiples options and variants are driven by rapid product innovation and marketing demands. In this context the Zuken solution offers the benefit of significant efficiency gains by implementing global methodologies and solutions.

This full E3.series flow provides Fiat with significantly enhanced engineering productivity. With E³.series, Fiat can confidently expect to achieve cost, reliability and time-to-market advantages. The use of E³.series Functional Design will speed up the development of electrical systems, supporting fast drafting in the early development cycle that increases the documentation quality and eliminates wiring integration errors. Using E3.series Wiring Diagram Generator Fiat will automate construction of all wiring interconnects while taking into account the standard format.

The important first step that Fiat has taken in partnership with Zuken will result in a complete automation of the low-value processes (eg. scm-drafting) involved in the full harnessing of a complete-car design

Mr Puiatti Manager, Engineering and Design, Fiat Group Automobiles

Because Fiat will also adopt Zuken’s E³.PLM, data can flow effortlessly throughout the design process. Fundamental to E³.series is the philosophy that design data management is key. Fiat is now able to tackle complex historical structure and lifecycle management issues, and with the modular structured approach, they are confident that they have the essential tools to overcome future technology challenges.

Once E³.series is deployed throughout Fiat, all the Company databases can be rationalized allowing Fiat to realize the “data-centric process” which is a key-objective for Fiat

Mr Puiatti Manager, Engineering and Design, Fiat Group Automobiles

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About Fiat FGA

FGA Fiat Group Automobiles, covers the automobiles brands: Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Maserati and Fiat-Professional.

Paolo Puiatti
Engineering & Design
Electrical / Electronics – Power & Signal Distribution
Fiat Group Automobiles

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