Setting Clearance Classes

Tech Tip: Setting Clearance Classes in CR-8000 Design Gateway


When a design requires specific minimum spacing between net classes, these clearance classes can easily be created and assigned in CR-8000 Design Gateway.

You can create clearance classes in CR-8000 Design Gateway, and forward annotate them to CR-8000 Design Force. They can be assigned spacing rules from design rule stacks in your library.

In the CR-8000 Design Gateway constraint browser, select the Utility pulldown, then edit Clearance Class. Enter a new Clearance Class Name.  Assign the design rule stack to each clearance class combination. Finally, Forward Annotate to your board.

Brian Gilman
Brian Gilman
Applications Engineer
Brian Gilman is an applications engineer, supporting customers with CR-8000/CR-5000 training and consulting. He works directly with the customers on a daily basis helping them work through the technical challenges they face. He loves to ski and must be on the first chairlift in the morning to lay down the first tracks on fresh powder.