Collaboration for Product-centric Design with CR-8000

Zuken’s Empowers Collaboration for Product-centric Design with CR-8000 Advanced PCB Solutions

12 May 2015 – Munich, Germany and Westford, MA, USA – Zuken continues to make team collaboration even more straightforward with powerful functionality available in the latest version of its CR-8000 single and multi-board design solution. Zuken’s CR-8000 is the industry’s only next-generation, product-centric design solution for creating complex product designs.

We launched CR-8000 with a vision that design processes are moving from a traditional PCB-centric approach to a more collaborative 3D product-centric process. That vision is being realized as design teams adopt CR-8000 and benefit from product-centric capabilities such as combining 3D multi-board design and IC packaging in one product. Our customers tell us they are building more competitive products faster, and with a lower incidence of design errors.

Kazuhiro Kariya Zuken Inc. Chief Technology Officer

Cross-discipline collaboration

In today’s global marketplace companies utilize global solutions and operations to meet their competitive goals, creating virtual teams. CR-8000 System Planner has enhanced hierarchical and module-based system design capabilities, making it easier for engineers from all disciplines to contribute to the system design. The interconnection of system boards created by multiple users has been optimized.

Multiple user constraint management

With modularized product design methodology now standard, reuse is a significant part of the design process. Design Gateway allows constraints design and reuse by multiple team members. Collaborative constraints design and reuse will help reduce design time, while improving the design efficiency.

Constraint information for each functional block is now directly associated with the block circuit, enabling copying and managing and maintaining of constraints by reuse circuit blocks. Constraints can now be managed at the block level and, more importantly, the constraints associated with reuse circuits are reusable.

Support for global standards

Zuken continues to offer support for the latest global standards required by customers to allow ever closer collaboration and increased competitiveness. CR-8000 Design Force and DFM Elements both create output to the IPC-2581B standard.

Design capture solutions face the growing complexity of system design and with this comes product test/verification and quality challenges. Design Gateway has developed interfaces to support system design with Simulink, and boundary scan with JTAG integration to check the original design intent and quality achieved. This aids communication within teams and increases efficiency as engineers receive information at the level of detail they need. Information is shared concurrently between all engineering disciplines from circuit design to layout.

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