CR-8000 with the Ansys Electronic Desktop

On-Demand Webinar

Sharing design information to the Ansys Electronic Desktop (AEDT) can provide a user with an extensive simulation environment.  This session will introduce the use of the Electronic Database (EDB) format to share information from CR-8000 Design Force to Ansys, the advantages beyond the former ANF-based interface, and how this can help users be more effective and productive.  The EDB interface also supports back annotation from AEDT to CR-8000 Design Force.

The session will also introduce the new feature available with CR-8000 2021 to enable the parasitic extraction of information from a PCB as an element model to complement the SPICE circuit information used during circuit design functional verification.

Learn from the expert

Nikola Kontic
Solution Architect, Zuken

Nikola Kontic is a solution architect, working with Zuken’s electronic design products. He works closely with customers to understand their challenges and help them maximize product usage to meet their productivity and efficiency goals. Our aim is to both work in partnership and to provide the customer with the solutions to achieve success in their business and products.

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