Analysis and constraint-driven PCB Design with CR-8000 using analysis of SerDes

With the continuing trend towards highly integrated and large-format IC packages with increasing clock frequencies, and an ongoing decentralization of the workspace in the wake of the pandemic, which makes access to experts more difficult, a continuous analysis and constraint control of the evolving design is becoming more and more important.

Using the example of the analysis of SerDes transmission paths such as PCI Express, SATA or USB3, we explain the methodology of an analysis- and constraint-driven assembly development with CR-8000 Design Force.

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Ralf Brüning
Senior Consultant, Zuken GmbH

Ralf Bruening is a product manager involved in development and deployment of Zuken’s analysis and high-speed solutions for the past 20 years.
Ralf works to improve customer design processes and solve complex technical challenges associated with high speed signal transmission, power integrity problems and EMI emissions.
In his free time, Ralf likes to golf, cook for his family and listen to rock music.

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