Key Features of GENESYS

The Centerpiece of Connected Engineering

Enable Your Journey from Concept to Capability

GENESYS is a powerful MBSE software designed to support the entire engineering process from initial concept to verification and validation within a single environment. Models capture all relevant product information on different levels, from high-level use cases and the system context to the system and subsystem definition down to the connection with detail design. At the same time, the software monitors and tracks all changes on all these levels. This allows you to develop and trace system architecture from system to subsystem and into component levels.  Rather than scattering information across multiple documents, diagrams, and spreadsheets, the knowledge is captured clearly and cohesively in an authoritative systems engineering source of truth.

Key Features of GENESYS

Ensures every system design is coherent, consistent, and complete.

Feature-rich authoring capabilities with automatic diagram generation and rule-based formatting.

Validation of logical consistency and behaviour enabled by executable models

Seamless integration with existing authoring tools

Ensure Consistency

GENESYS is a powerful systems engineering modeling platform that is built upon the Comprehensive Systems Definition Language (CSDL).

CSDL conforms to the Systems Modeling Language (SysML) standard and provides the additional benefits of semantic precision and natural language interpretability due to its ontological foundations. This ensures architectures are complete, consistent, coherent and comprehensible across all layers of the design.



Consolidate Requirements

Define, decompose, analyze, and communicate requirements with full traceability

GENESYS handles requirements and multiple sets of requirements, integrates with major requirements management tools, and is capable of providing rich detail, showing interconnections to other elements, traceable, and accessible throughout the lifecycle of your project. GENESYS manages important requirement-related information such as validation and verification requirements, risks, and concerns and links them to validation and verification elements. This allows you to understand the interactions and dependencies—between requirements, between problem and solution, between requirements and risks, between requirements and verification—to architect and deliver the system right.

Model Behaviour

Specify functions, inputs/outputs, and resources and validate integrated behavior

Genesys helps define both sides of the architecture – the behavioral and the physical – and the alignment between them. Model behavior graphically with the ease of drawing a flow chart. Decompose to greater levels of detail while maintaining consistency with higher levels of abstraction. Validate behavior dynamically – no code required – to confirm the behavior satisfies your system needs.



Define the Structure

Define the physical structure and its interfaces at each level of decomposition

Establishing the high-level architecture defines the fundamental organization aligning your solution to the problem and enterprise perspective. It’s the best opportunity to manage—and avoid increasing—your system and project complexity. With GENESYS, you choose your starting point—system requirements, capability need, mission, or even strategy—and connect to the system definition and the resulting architecture.

Verify & Validate

Understand V&V compliance at every stage of the program

With GENESYS, you can author verification requirements and verification elements alongside the problem statement and maintain clear traceability with the source requirements. Prepare for testing with clear insight into the interface definition and performance specification of each part across all levels of the system. GENESYS complements detailed testing tools, enabling the systems verification group to define, track, and manage system V&V activities efficiently and effectively.



Analyze and Simulate

Integrate key mathematical relationships to ensure congruency across the model

GENESYS supports verification and validation at all levels throughout the engineering lifecycle – from the earliest stages of mission engineering, through to capability, and conceptual design. You can highlight critical design information, simulate designs, conduct trade-off studies, and power analysis while ensuring the system design remains consistent and coherent throughout.

Manage Programs

Improve complex processes and the enterprise itself

The dominant application of systems engineering—and now model-based systems engineering—has traditionally been physical products spanning from spacecraft to defense to transportation and medical devices. Increasingly, organizations from an even broader array of industries are embracing the benefits of applying MBSE to their operations as they engineer processes, the engineering lifecycle, or the greater enterprise. GENESYS can help to quickly and effectively improve complex processes and the enterprise itself.


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