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For some it’s about planned mean time between failure; others need robustness under harsh operating conditions. Or perhaps you need to meet planned characteristics at a given price point. Whatever quality means to your company, we have a solution to support your objectives.

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Powerful authoring and analysis tools

Database driven authoring tools that are designed to to work with multiple, manufacturing rule stacks make sure that manufacturing outputs are created to be "correct by design". Integrated analysis tools enable the verification of behavioral aspects such as signal integrity, power integrity or electromagnetic emission.

Controlled design reuse

A proven method of ensuring quality is the reuse of existing designs as 'known good modules'. This requires careful management and tracing of designs and their derivates. Our engineering data management solutions enable accurate tracking and revision managment of components and designs, providing a reliable basis for quality in accelerated design cycles.

PDM, PLM and ERP integration

Our solutions are fully equipped to integrate into existing PDM/PLM and ERP environments,Built on industry-standard, object-oriented architecture, providing a true electromechanical data model with full visibility of electrical and electronic designs down to component level.

Our satisfied customers

  • Case Study
October 15, 2018

ATK was tasked by NASA with designing the wiring harnesses for the booster rockets powering the replacement for the Space Shuttle while employing a team that is significantly smaller than that used on the now-cancelled Ares I project. ATK accomplished its mission by using E3.series to substantially increase productivity, while eliminating the need for a physical mock-up and costly test lab.

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increases cable design productivity for space shuttle booster replacement by moving to a digital design process.
  • Case Study
October 15, 2018
BCA Leisure

BCA Leisure designs and manufactures mixed power cable harnesses for almost every UK-based OEM of caravans and motorhomes. The company has been using E3.series for a number of years and recently started using E3.cable, part of Zuken’s E3.series suite, which is now heavily relied upon during the development of 100+ different prototype harnesses each year. This is followed by provision of detailed production drawings to the shop floor.

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Using E3.series to design and manufacture cable harnesses for caravans and motorhomes
  • Case Study
October 15, 2018

KRONE, a major brand in the agricultural machinery market, implemented an interdisciplinary product development process. Using Zuken’s E3.series, KRONE linked ECAD, MCAD and ERP to develop an integrated digital engineering and sourcing process, achieving sizable benefits for both sourcing and service. With an integral representation of mechanical and electrical product information, KRONE was able to make solid progress in implementing its major business optimization strategies: Industry 4.0 and Farming 4.0.

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Krone Agricultural Machinery integrates ECAD, MCAD and ERP to enable integrated design and sourcing

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  • Webinar
August 19, 2021
Silicon Expert Part Information Management integration with CR-8000

Zuken and SiliconExpert have partnered to deliver critical component information within CR-8000 and DS-CR design and library data environments. Make more informed component selection decisions and review part information, resulting in higher quality products and lower overall costs in less time. 

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  • Webinar
August 19, 2021
Design for Test: Using TestWay to drive Digital Continuity from Design through to Production

In this webinar you will see how Design for Test (DfT) using TestWay from Aster Technologies can be integrated into a CR-8000 design flow to allow users to analyze their design at each stage of the design to delivery workflow, avoiding the traditional problems associated with traditional post-layout testing, prior to transfer of the CAD data to production.

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  • Press Release
November 20, 2018
CADENAS libraries for E3.series
Press Release, Zuken Component Cloud for E3.series, Control Quality Through Automation and Verification, Manufacturing and Service Documentation
  • Press Release
October 12, 2017
Industry Report: Design Data Management in E/E Engineering
Press Release, DS-CR, DS-E3, ERP/PLM Integration, Multi-disciplinary collaboration, Product and process complexity, Control Quality Through Automation and Verification, Product Development Process Reengineering, Reduce Your Total Product Cost
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November 02, 2016
E3.series - the Tool of Choice for Motorsport
Press Release, Increase Productivity, Control Quality Through Automation and Verification
  • Press Release
September 16, 2014
Pegatron Establishes New CR-8000 Design Flow
Press Release, Pegatron, Design for Manufacture, Increase Productivity

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