How Connected Products and Modular Design Can Improve Your Product Quality


Note: The following article appeared on September 24, 2018 in EETimes Internet of Things Design Line.

Using feedback from products in the field to continuously improve design modules used as the basis for product development can increase product performance and reliability and reduce development time.

OEMs have made enormous strides in feeding back information from the manufacturing process into design to increase process yields. Metrics important to customers such as performance, reliability and usability would be much more useful inputs to the design process, but traditionally they have been much more difficult to obtain. Now Internet of Things platforms can collect and analyze this information and modular design systems can present it to designers in context.

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Bob Potock
Bob Potock
Vice President of Marketing, Zuken USA, Inc.
Bob Potock is Vice President of Zuken USA marketing and is passionate about Zuken's leadership role in Digital Engineering. Bob is developing new solutions to address today's growing product complexity that include expanding the partner ecosystem and the adoption of Digital Engineering methodologies. Bob lives in Colorado and enjoys hiking, fishing, golfing, and time in the mountains.
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To deliver on the promise of a modular product architecture strategy, companies need to create a number of prerequisites in organization, process and infrastructure.

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