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Taking PCB CAD into the third dimension

For many years, the layout of a PCB in 2D has been sufficient for most mainstream technologies. Today’s requirements, including embedding passive and active components on inner layers and through-silicon-via (TSV) technologies, call for comprehensive 3D board design and visualization capabilities.


CR-8000 Design Force ECAD MCAD Multi system

The need for 3D

Today’s requirements include embedding passive and active components on inner layers, inside a cavity, and within the dielectric of a board stack-up. The introduction of through-silicon-via (TSV) technology has further increased the complexity of designing a product using advanced packaging technologies. 2D CAD systems cannot manage these requirements intelligently and take into consideration the necessary manufacturing rules. A true 3D PCB design  system allows users to design in 2D or 3D as needed to accurately design with the latest technology and respond to market demands in high-pressure business cycles.

Adressing the multiboard design challenge

With CR-8000, Zuken provides a solution that supports optimization of a design at both the product and PCB design level.

3D Multi-board PCB Design

Manage all of the boards in a system, and bring them together in one view. You can select between a combination of PCBs, packages, and SoCs into one design and complete the layout of the design as a complete system.

Chip, Package and Board Co-Design

Product-centric detailed design includes 2D/3D multi-board design and implementation, FPGA I/O optimization, chip/package/board co-design, and 3D MCAD integration all in one design process.

3D ECAD/MCAD Collaboration

Import and export true 3D STEP models for components and enclosures and check for required clearance or collision to eliminate costly downstream ECAD / MCAD integration problems.

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  • Webinar
July 11, 2022
Electro Mechanical Design for Electronic Engineers:​ ECAD-MCAD Collaboration with CR-8000​

With its support of 3D, CR-8000 Design Force offers the possibility of validating PCB designs against the mechanical envelope. In this session you will learn how to use formats such as IDX and JT in Design Force or, alternatively, how to import native 3D data from various MCAD systems.

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July 08, 2021
Top 5 Benefits for PCB Designers in CR-8000 Design Force 2021

CR-8000 Design Force 2021 offers a wealth of new features and improved functionality. Check out the top benefits for PCB Designers in the newest release.

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  • Webinar
July 06, 2020
Practical Signal Integrity for improved EMI Control in PCB Design

In our webinar we will provide an introduction to the challenges of signal integrity and the underlying physical effects. This will provide the basis for practical tips to address the related challenges during PCB design.

  • Press Release
June 16, 2020
CR-8000 2020

Key development themes for CR-8000 2020 are superior design efficiency, comprehensive system-level design and verification, and support for the latest advancements in packaging technology.

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FPGA optimization, skew group routing, back-drilled vias, electro-mechanical co-design,flex-rigid PCBs, multi-domain analysis, tile bump, 3D wire desi...
  • Blog
March 26, 2020
Multi-board design for applications with different voltages

The benefits of developing all boards of a system concurrently on a single CAD canvas. Stacking PCBs, as opposed to connecting with cables, in multi-board design is a current and highly popular trend, as manufacturing costs are reduced and reliability improved.

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  • Webinar
November 15, 2019
How to be First to Market with DDR5!

DDR5 is the latest generation of memory. In this joint webinar with Keysight Technologies, we’ll begin with pre-layout simulation, then transition to CR-8000. The design will then be verified by Electromagnetic (EM) simulation and system simulations in Keysight ADS, in order to build confidence in the final DDR5 design.


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