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Consumer product manufacturers face perhaps some of the tightest time-to-market cycles and cost constraints of any sector. The most successful companies have implemented next-generation product development technology that allows them to tightly control the whole design to manufacturing process.

Zuken’s technology is used to develop the world’s favorite consumer products. We are the market leader in Japan, where we developed our first electronic design product in 1978 and started revolutionizing the world of electronic design. Our advanced and value electronic design suites are relied up to meet the challenges of implementing the latest technologies in product sectors such as mobile and wearables, while maintaining product quality and delivery schedules.



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Efficient front-loading of design constraints and specifications increases efficiency and ensure quality and first-time-right designs. Native data management systems for electrical and electronic design that can be seamlessly integrated into enterpise PLM environments data provide all stakeholders current, validated libraries, design data and BOM information


The electronic product design process is being challenged to develop feature-rich, light, compact products at a lower cost in less time. To address these challenges, designers need the ability to combine chips and boards in new configurations such as complex 3D stacked structures, or new packaging technologies such as Package-on-Package (PoP) and System in Package (SiP).

Design complexity

Significant improvements can be achieved by integrating electronic and electrical engineering into an interdisciplinary electro-mechanical product development process. This can be achieved through the adoption of Zuken's object-oriented engineering data management solutions that integrate seamlessly into existing PDM/PLM and ERP environments.

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