Product Development Process Reengineering

Ensure efficient product development processes

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Inconsistent, inefficient, and fragmented product development and engineering processes pose a major threat to the success of new product initiatives. By making project related information and artifacts available to all different stakeholders in a managed environment, errors can be avoided,  quality and cost objects targets will be supported and return on investment secured.


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A single source of truth

Through the integration of our engineering data management solutions with mechanical PDM and PLM product structures, configurations and versions can be continuously controlled and synchronized. This helps to avoid costly rework and save valuable time-to-market.

Interdisciplinary collaboration

Our engineering toolsets support exchange of information with mechanical and software engineering environments. This enables mechanical, electrical and electronic engineers to work together in the same environment and communicate changes at any given point in the process.

Product development process integration

Interdisciplinary collaboration requires a continuous synchronization of configurations and data versions between engineering disciplines. Built on industry standard object-oriented architecture, our solutions are fully equipped to integrate into existing PDM/PLM and ERP environments, providing a true electromechanical data model.

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July 11, 2022
An integrated change management process spanning Dassault Systèmes 3D Experience and CR-8000/DS-CR

DS-CR is closely interlinked with CR-8000 and often connected to company-wide PDM, PLM or ERP environments. In this session we will review a bidirectional cross-system change management process spanning 3D Experience from Dassault Systèmes and CR-8000/DS-CR from Zuken

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August 18, 2021
Managed Services: Running your Engineering IT Environment in the Cloud

As more organizations look to move their engineering IT to the cloud, we will present our essential guidelines and lessons learned to help you define your strategy to achieve your desired goals and plan for a sustainable migration.

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July 09, 2021
Digital Continuity - Engineering PDM and PLM Integration Strategy

Zuken supports a best-in-class approach to enable a flexible digitalization strategy. In this presentation we will provide an introduction of Zuken's PDM and PLM integration strategy and an overview of certified process integrations with leading PDM environments.

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July 09, 2021
The role of MBSE in the Digital Transformation of Engineering

Managing electronic designs in a PLM platform is a long-established practice – but they are typically managed without the context of the broader system and without traceability to the other domains. With its ability to specify design intent on an overall system level, MBSE has the potential to act as a connective tissue. We will show you how.

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  • Webinar
July 09, 2021
PCB Design Change Workflow with CIM Database, CR-8000 and DS-CR

In this webinar, you will learn how a change request initiated in Contact Software flow through into CR-8000 and DS-CR then back to CIM Database

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  • Webinar
July 08, 2021
PCB Version Control and PLM with Zuken DS-CR and PTC Windchill

In this webinar, you will learn how a change request initiated in PTC Windchill will trigger a modification of the wiring harness design in CR-8000 and DS-CR

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