Design Data Management - DS-2

An end-to-end change workflow with Contact Software's CIM Database and Zuken's CR-8000 and DS-CR

On-Demand Webinar
PCB Design Change Process between CIM Database, CR-8000 and DS-CR
Webinar – Zuken’s PCB design change process with CIM Database

Based on specific examples, Contact Software and Zuken will present the added value resulting from a closely interlinked, cross-disciplinary development process. This utilises the collaborative features built into CIM Database, CR-8000 and DS-CR

The scenario will illustrate the PCB design flow change that requires the replacement of electrical devices to meet a new requirement, e.g., a higher protection class utilizing CIM Database from Contact Software and CR-8000, DS-CR from Zuken.


  • A brief introduction to CIM Database from Contact Software
  • Specification and definition of the design change
  • Execution and data management of the PCB design change in the responsible specialist departments
  • Update the of eCAD-specific manufacturing data to the PLM system

Learn from the expert

Markus Braun
Solution Architect
Zuken GmbH

Dr. Daniel Kruse
Analyst & Consulting
Contact Software

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