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Ensure the flexibility of a global enterprise

Ensure the flexibility of a global enterprise

Global markets and global value chains require and ability to quickly move production between sites and even continents. This requires designs to be set up in a way that the can be shared among engineering and manufacturing sites. Our solutions help standardize engineering and design methodologies and use library and constraint stacks beyond the boundaries of one single location.


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Design process consulting services

Efficient multi-site collaboration needs to be built on a solid foundation of a standardized engineering environment. We help our customers to unify and consolidate their design data and provide assistance in building up company standard design guidelines.

Design data standardization

In addition to the standardization of toolsets and design methodologies, we help our customers create common CAD component libraris that adhere to standard guidelines for all locations. These libraries can also incorporate multiple stacks of parameters that reflect individual characteristics of different production facilities.

Libary and design data management

Our powerful libary and design data mangement technology provides access to validated desing data and libaries, enabling designs and design modules to trasferred, reused and tracked between distributed operations and locations.

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